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August 30, 2010

After The Reconquest

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I have recaptured and reordered a great deal of territory in this house and its environs in recent months, even considering the great extent to which my timetables have been alternatively compressed or extended owing to interdicting events and infirmities.  A satisfactory overarching organization has eluded me, however, and I have felt the lack acutely.  When I was chiefly concerned with offensive and defensive operations–movement and engagement of forces–it was appropriate to speak in terms of theaters and fronts.  However, as the mission transitions from conquest to security, the organizational vision must change as well.  In the past, I have talked about areas of the house and the associated tasks interchangeably, so I would say I have to start the basement, or work on the office, or finish the girls’ room.  Of course it was understood what I meant, but the organization was muddled.  I want to deliberately house all tasks, to associate them with specific locations and abandon the language of starting, working on, and finishing those locations as if they were tasks themselves.  It will help me to manage the work that remains here if I’m able to organize it in this way.  For this purpose I have created a new system of military districts located with larger zones.  Here is the initial structure, which I believe to be exhaustive:


# District Name Zone
1 Kitchen First Floor
2 Laundry Room First Floor
3 Dining Room First Floor
4 Family Room First Floor
5 Office First Floor
6 Downstairs Bathroom First Floor
7 Downstairs Hall First Floor
8 Downstairs Hall Closet First Floor
9 Main Stairs First Floor
10 Master Bedroom Second Floor
11 Master Bathroom Second Floor
12 Master Closet Second Floor
13 Girls’ Room Second Floor
14 Boys’ Room Second Floor
15 Upstairs Bathroom Second Floor
16 Upstairs Hall Second Floor
17 Upstairs Hall Closet Second Floor
18 Attic Third Floor
19 Apple Floor Room Basement
20 KS Garage Basement
21 LS Garage Basement
22 Basement Stairs Basement
23 Porch Outside
24 Front Yard Outside
25 Driveway Outside
26 Deck Outside
27 Patio Outside
28 Back Yard (ex-pond) Outside
29 Pond Outside
30 Headquarters N/A

Going forward, tasks will be assigned to individual districts, including both one-time and perpetual tasks, the latter having been inappropriate for a theater/front organizational scheme.  Tasks that cross over multiple districts will be assigned to all affected districts at once–assignment is not one-to-one.  Tasks that are not centered on a location will be assigned to headquarters, which is me.  The creation of districts will also allow me to assign military governors (me, not the Empress, because this involves the disposition of forces).  The only such assignments I am making at this time are District 13, assigned to Jenny and Reagan jointly, and District 15, assigned to Katie.  I remain directly responsible for the other 28 districts.  This organizational reorientation will not prevent me from returning to a war footing should conditions within a district or zone deteriorate.  It also glosses over the lawlessness rampant in the entire Outside Zone.  The districts within that zone are purely provisional.  I will need to adjust the particulars of the structure, no doubt, but I believe this change will help me to manage my domestic efforts more effectively.

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