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July 30, 2010

Awaiting The Onslaught

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Let them come.

July 28, 2010

Pet Nasty War – VO Day Declared

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I am declaring today Victory in the Office Day.  From the doorway it looks like this:

And from behind the desk it looks like this:

(The display case on the left holds my collection of figures representing historical American military units, and that’s my replica U.S. Constitution by the door.)

The Pet Nasty War is ended in this theater.  Any animal elimination in the office will henceforth be considered a Crime Against Peace as defined by Principle VI of the Nuremburg Principles, and will be punished accordingly.

July 27, 2010

Six Day War – Day Two

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The office will be done today.  Progression has been from cat poop room last week

to sawdust room this weekend

to something halfway decent-looking yesterday:

Already I wiped down and moved the furniture, swept and mopped the floor, and washed and repainted the walls.  This morning I will repatriate books, furniture and other items and hang on the walls whatever it is I decide to hang on them.  After that I will review my Operation Mortal Coil aims, objectives, and tasks.  My intention is that the entire grim operation should be concluded by the end of this month and a thorough review will help me to identify the gaps I need to close to make that happen.

July 14, 2010


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As we spiral towards humiliation and ruin this Saturday, the aspect of this situation which astounds me more than anything else is that Jenny herself remains utterly and unbelievably nonplussed.  She’s just not worried about what her friends might think if she has her birthday party in a swamp.  She’s always been this way: she will invite anyone anywhere at any time without any regard for the condition of the where in question.  Prior to its recent remodeling, Jenny’s room had been one of the most abominable places on earth.  If you saw it, you know.  And if you don’t know you’ll never know.   Not only did Jenny not care if her friends saw her old room, she was insistent that they should and excited when they did.  Katie and I are naturally slovenly to an extent that may be unprecedented in history for people possessing our level of education and financial wherewithal.  But we also get that this isn’t one of our better household qualities.  Not Jenny.  Jenny takes it to a new level by unabashedly scandalizing her friends, none of whom could have imagined what she has been able to fully realize.  It isn’t that she’s not embarrassed.  To describe it that way, to me at least, suggests an understanding that one is expected to be embarrassed by a situation and a defiant refusal to acknowledge that expectation.  That’s not Jenny.  She’s just blam! here I am and don’t you even pretend like it’s not awesome to be me.  I really hope she stays that way.  I also hope she keeps her room clean, but that’s more for me than for her.

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