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July 28, 2010

Day Three Update

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Today will be the final drive of Operation Mortal Coil.  My flag shall fly above the Reichstag by nightfall or I will have turned it all into ash.  It was overcast this morning, meaning that I could expect the garage to be 80 degrees or so rather than 95.  That would be the difference between having two or more hours of fight in me rather than an hour or less, and as much as I hate to attack where an attack is expected, I could not eschew such an advantage though it should mean meeting the enemy’s main force head on.  So for two-and-a-half hours I hit him with everything I had.  It was not enough, but I had not expected it would be.  I need a second bulk pickup to finish it and we only get the one per year.  Furthermore, it’s difficult to switch back and forth between bubblewrapping and smashing, requiring a degree of operational dexterity I lack.  However, I have reached the point in Operation Mortal Coil where I am more interested in lacking things I have than having things I lack.  If I broke something I didn’t mean to break I certainly didn’t mean it less than I wouldn’t have meant it two months ago.  Now at midday I’ve done what I can do in the garage.  I’m content to have neutralized the breakables for now, and I will await reinforcements before I attempt to crush them.  Or rather, attempt not to.  Now I shall have meat and Cheerwine before I renew the attack.  The hammer will fall either in the upstairs hall or in the dining room–let the enemy flummox himself guessing at which it will be.

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