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March 16, 2010

Brackets are Katie and Me

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Katie has Kansas, Pitt, Wake, and Baylor (?) in the Final Four.  She’s playing Super Mario Bros. right now so I can’t ask why.  Pitt and Wake win, then Wake beats Pitt.  Snore.

Anything interesting about my bracket, except for it being the best?  I have Ohio playing Ohio State in the semifinals of the Midwest region, because why not?  I have Maryland going to the Final Four out of the Midwest because I think they are the team with a player named Greivous, who is the hilarious coughing hunchback robot Jar-Jar from Episode III.

I’ve got Murray from Clueless in the Sweet Sixteen in the West, but then I have Syracuse beating him.  And then Pittsburgh wins the region because, like Jenny, I’ve been to Pittsburgh.  I bought four of the five issues in the magazine-size Resident Evil series that Wildstorm published in 1998 when I was there, and those damn things are impossible to find.  Resident Evil gets Pitt to the Final Four.

Because I hate myself, I have Wake winning the East region.  This is despite the fact that there is absolutely no chance Wake will beat Texas, I mean none.  I know nothing about Wake’s team or Texas’ team this year, and I know that Texas will win.  If I were Thanos and I had the IG again and I had to pick one event in the universe to bet on to beat Adam Warlock and keep the gems this time, I would pick this game.  I hate myself.

Oh my god, I am Thanos.

It seems Louisville wins the South region in my bracket.  I guess the bracket opened up for them after Arkansas-Peanut Butter took out Duke in the first round.  But the important thing is that Richmond plays Villanova in the second round (in my bracket, anyway).  That’s Rich vs. Nova.  Who is Nova?  Rich Ryder.  What the hell does that mean?  I don’t know.  Let’s all pull for Philip Morris in the first round so that we avoid any existential nastiness involving the Nova Force.

So my Final Four: Revenge of the Sith, Resident Evil, Louisville, and Brian’s Song.  I can’t think of a good movie reference for Louisville, sorry.  Maryland and Wake in the championship.

Wake wins the championship.  I hate myself.  I hate Adam Warlock.

Reagan Is Brackets

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Highlights of Reagan:

Vietnam appears to have reached the third round in the top half of the Midwest.  But it doesn’t matter, Charlie.  Because lurking in the bottom of the region is the 15 seed, Santa.  Santa can deliver toys to every good boy and girl in the world in one night, so what does he care about a shot clock?  Santa wins the Midwest region.  This was Reagan’s conclusion, and boy did the rest of us feel stupid when we realized we had a guy with a chestnut for a head beating a magical toymaking saint in the first round.  Joke’s on you, everybody.

On to the West.  Gonso beats Florida State in the first round, but he loses to Vermont in the second round, which obviously beats Syracuse because Syracuse isn’t a state at all.  Murry faces off against Xavier in the regional final.  Xavier wins because he knows Wolverine.

In the East, top seed Kent makes it to the final on account of being Superman.  However, Washington was clearly the first President, so tough luck Clark.

Down in the South, 15 seed Rob Morris upsets Villanova and then marches all the way to the regional final.  Rob is overmatched, though, and it’s Arkansas-Peanut Butter to the Final Four.

Now this is really interesting.  Reagan’s Final Four consists of Santa Claus, Professor X, George Washington, and Peanut Butter.  What could happen?  The only thing to do is play it out.  So, Santa beats Chuck Xavier.  He might be one of the first mutants, after all, like Apocalypse.  Hell, he might be Apocalypse.  Then in the other semifinal, Peanut Butter beats George Washington.  Reagan didn’t say why, but I think it might be the wooden teeth.

So the final game will answer the question of whether kids love Santa Claus more than peanut butter.

And no, they don’t.  Peanut Butter wins.

Jenny Is Brackets

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Highlights from Jenny’s tournament brackets:

Houstan reaches the Final Four out of the Midwest.  Either she picked the 13 seed or a country in central Asia.  Excellent work in either case.

Butter makes it to the Sweet Sixteen in the top half of the West.  It was Butler in the first round, but by the next round the bracket clearly says Butter.  Butter always wins in the end, but maybe Jenny is too young to know that.  She also has the top two seed in the West region losing in the first round.  Pittsburgh wins the West because Jenny has been to Pittsburgh and she doesn’t know about butter yet.

Wake Forest wins the East region.  Boring.

None of us knows what the PB stands for in Arkansas-PB (play-in game), except that I realized it means Peanut Butter.  Once I explained that the course was clear.  Peanut Butter wins the South region.

Final Four: Houstan, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Arkansas-Peanut Butter.

Then it gets unexpectant.  In the game between Wake and Peanut Butter, crabs come in and knock out both teams.  In the other semifinal, Daddy defeats both Pitt and Houstan.  Then it’s Daddy vs. Crabs for the championship.  Daddy wins.  I swear this is what happened.

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