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July 27, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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OMG you guys!  Facebook earnings!  Before the Thursday earnings release and analyst call (Zuckerberg was on the call!  OMG!)  FB stock was at $27, down from the IPO price of $38; today it traded below $23.  The problem is that Facebook—one of the most important companies in the world—had an IPO managed by greedy idiots and still has an arrogant, incompetent controlling shareholder/CEO.  Zuckerberg created Facebook, probably.  He has total control of the company, definitely.  Does he know anything about managing a giant, publicly-traded corporation subject to suffocating media and investor scrutiny?  I’m going out on a limb and saying no.  And to this point, at least, he doesn’t seem to care.  Is that his prerogative?  Alas, yes—he has something like a 75% voting interest.  But do you want to own the stock of a company whose lord and master has zero management ability and no interest in developing any?  I say no.  So far, the market agrees.  But wait, there is this one guy…

“[Zuckerberg] revealed in his opening remarks that he actually does care about revenue growth and I think he said it so many different ways and sounded quite sincere – I believe him,” says Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities.”And I think investors will probably believe him. The guy demonstrated his commitment to be a competent CEO. I was real impressed.”

That is the worst buy recommendation I’ve ever heard.  First of all, I listened to that opening statement, and not only did Zucky not write it, I’m pretty sure he hadn’t even read it before somebody woke him up to get on the call.  Remember, Zuckerberg is all-powerful; he can rename the company Poopbook and there’s nothing other shareholders can do about it.  So our bullish analyst doesn’t think Zucky wants to be a great CEO; not even a good CEO.  Just competent.  Note also that if our bullish analyst believes he’s committed to being a competent CEO, it’s implied that he’s not competent now.  Oh well, at least the stock is cheap.  Except the P/E is still 60; whoops.

Overall, the market moved higher, and the Family Stock Index cruised along with it, up 2.3% on the week to settle out at 12,537.  The earnings came in fast and furious all week, and more than a few bellweathers missed on the top and bottom line expectations, so this is a tremendous showing overall for the bulls.  GDP wasn’t as bad as expected and the ECB President didn’t administer last rites for the Euro; evidently we don’t need much more than that to rally nicely.  The market overall has held up much better than I expected through the first month of Q3.  If we can trade at these levels, plus or minus five percent, through the elections in November, well, that would just be swell.  Wait…did I just jinx us?



  • Reagan (REGN) +12.5%.  Reagan’s back on top again, retaking the #1 spot for the quarter and the year and rolling to within sight of her April high of $145.  Investors needing to add some crazy to their portfolios are trying to get in ahead of the back-to-school insanity.  Reagan gets real letter grades for the first time this year.  Coincidentally, I’m thinking of turning the basement into a fallout shelter.
  • Zondro (ZQK +18%) and Wilson (WILC +5.4%).  Fine; you can spend afternoons inside, at least until this heat wave passes.  Just shut up and try to stink less.
  • LULU +7.4%.  Lulu went crazy for a few weeks and became an outside-only cat.  This might work for Marisa, champion bird-murderer that she is, but Lulu is one of the least capable cats you’re likely to find.  She lost a lot of weight and I started to worry; not coincidentally, her stock collapsed from $81 to $50.  This week I’ve been bringing her inside at night and she’s eating again.  I’m such a softy.
  • Nicole E. (NICE) +5.7%.  Nicole & Justin will be hosting Jenny & Reagan in a couple weeks, and the pressure is on Nicole E. to defend her share of the Fun-Aunt-Nicole mantle after Nicole M. made a strong play for sole possession last month (ask Reagan if you don’t know).  The market thinks she’s up for the challenge.


  • Nami, Lita (NL -0.8%) and Zero (ZIP -3.3%).  If I unleashed Brinky on Carrboro at all, it wouldn’t be before he’s potty-trained.  For investors in the rump of JV Team Charlotte, I guess that’s still way too soon.
  • Ruby (RJET) -5.0%.  Maybe Dustin and Lisa will decide to renew their vows soon and some Electric Sliding could ensue.  Katie and I could re-up instead, I guess, except I won’t leave my house and alas, there’s no room here for a party.  Brinky has block parties, but they’re not that kind of block parties.
  • Mario the Younger (WMAR) -8.4%.  Mario may be forced to look to the upcoming NFL season for an Electric Slide panacea; perhaps he could host a Steelectric Slide party.  Something to think about…and never, ever do.
Name Ticker 7/27/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $23.25 +0.17
Charlotte ICE $134.25 +3.16
Dustin DST $54.07 +0.07
Icarus ICS $15.60 +0.11
Jenny JNY $10.54 +0.38
Jodi Ann JOY $53.01 +1.47
Justin SCI $12.93 +0.30
Katie CATY $16.52 +0.40
Lee MSTR $117.08 +1.75
Lisa LNCE $23.40 +0.46
Lucas LEI $1.61 +0.08
Lulu LULU $61.58 +4.23
Marcus MCS $13.56 +0.23
Mario T.E. MGEE $48.81 +0.22
Mario T.Y. WMAR $10.82 -0.99
Marisa MOLX $25.30 +1.06
Namilita NL $11.79 -0.09
Nicole E. NICE $35.89 +1.93
Nicole M. COLM $51.93 -1.04
Reagan REGN $136.90 +15.25
Ruby RJET $4.71 -0.25
Wilson WILC $4.29 +0.22
Winston ED $64.90 +1.13
Zero ZIP $11.09 -0.38
Zondro ZQK $2.97 +0.46

Is This How RPatz Feels?

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I’ve gone back to CNBC.  I feel terrible about it, I know I deserve better, and I have to keep the TV muted–and have the remote with me at all times to flip off Rick Santelli (in every possible sense)–but Bloomberg just doesn’t compare.  The ticker is ugly, they don’t show live trades, they don’t refresh the news content ever, and did I mention the ticker is REALLY UGLY?  In case I didn’t, the ticker is really, unconscionably ugly.  So beauty wins again.  I feel you, Rob.

July 20, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Market drivers continued to diverge this week, with economic and political headlines pressuring sentiment (especially today) while mostly-positive earnings reports boosted specific stocks and sectors.  By the close on Friday, the bulls had pulled off a narrow win (S&P 500 +0.4%).  Fears of a weak earnings season replete with frightening guidance have not yet been realized, but the disturbing post-2008 trend—flat revenues plus aggressive cost-cutting producing margin improvement and earnings growth—shows no sign of moderating.  Basically, big companies are making more money than ever, even with little-to-no growth in consumption/sales, because they’re squeezing small companies and employees more than ever.  This is ultimately unsustainable, and the market isn’t entirely unaware of that reality; that’s why companies with true sales growth—like Apple and a handful of others—have outperformed even as the broader market remains flat.  What the market is failing to discount—yet—are the profoundly negative social consequences of economic (and thus, political) power being concentrated entirely in the hands of huge corporations and their cross-pollinated boards.  Occupy Wall Street fizzled out because—contrary to what my mother and many of her Boomer cohorts continue to believe about their own impact on history—young people protesting has no effect on old people making decisions.  What the naïve young people protesting don’t realize is that the old people making decisions used to be naïve young people, and they haven’t forgotten how dumb they were then.  Hippies can’t change the system; violent unrest can.  Hopefully it won’t come to that, even if an expansive view of history suggests clearly that it just might, if the short-sighted richies succeed in completely cutting away the social safety net.  They need leadership from a visionary capitalist like Otto von Bismarck; modern standard-bearer Mitt hasn’t demonstrated that he has a vision for anything.

The Family Stock Index trailed the averages badly again this week (-1.0%) and looks to be in danger of repeating last year’s pattern: blowout first quarter, second quarter slump, third quarter swoon, middling fourth quarter recovery.  Summer, clearly, is bad.  The hotter it gets, the redder we get.  I’m calling this the Thermal Synchronicity Effect, and I defy anyone to disprove it.  The FSX closed this week at 12,260, more than ten percent below its March peak; if I’m right, we should break below 11,000 before the end of August.  Sigh.


  • Zondro (ZQK) +15%.  This no-news rally smells like short-covering as much as all the furniture in the family room smells like dog.  Down nearly 40% YTD through last week, Zondro was definitely oversold, but I wouldn’t view this as the beginning of a bull stampede.  He’s still an idiot.
  • Marisa (MOLX) +4.9%.  Marisa delivered a big, dead robin for Jenny on her birthday; if nothing else, the novelty of cat largesse seems to appeal to investors.
  • Reagan (REGN) +3.4%.  Visiting Aunt Chawly.  Reagan won’t miss meat, but she will miss her Mommy.  It’s a short enough visit, though, that fun with Charlotte should prevail over homesickness.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) +1.9%.  What does a gall bladder do?  Evidently, it knocks 40 bucks off a stock in less than six months.  Look for a convincing rally once it’s gone, with $50 proving to be the long-awaited JOY floor.


  • Charlotte (ICE -4.5%) and her cats (NL -5.6%).  Reagan’s visiting now; Jenny’s turn will come next week; what about rambunctious Brinky?  I’ve promised repeatedly that he’s not going anywhere for a while yet, but for whatever reason, sellers of Charlotte and her woefully-unprepared cats don’t believe me.
  • Katie (CATY) -4.6%.  Tough week for the mothers of the FSX.  The market is clearly bearish on parenting of teenagers, but I can’t understand why—it should be a piece of cake, right?  I view the selling as a forceful thumbs-down for Jenny’s cellphone…
  • Lisa (LNCE) -5.7%.  …and Lucas’ Facebook account.
  • Ruby (RJET) -12%.  The only FSX grandmother had the worst showing of all.  It seems the market is finally facing up to a grim reality: Ruby is all out of unmarried children, meaning no more weddings, and no more Electric Sliding, for many years to come.  Lucas is 13 and Jenny is 11; it will likely be a decade or more before the next wedding.  I bet the Electric Slide won’t even exist in ten years.

Just kidding; the Electric Slide will outlive us all.

Name Ticker 7/20/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $23.08 +0.13
Charlotte ICE $131.09 -6.13
Dustin DST $54.00 -1.00
Icarus ICS $15.49 unch
Jenny JNY $10.16 +0.09
Jodi Ann JOY $51.54 +0.95
Justin SCI $12.63 -0.15
Katie CATY $16.12 -0.77
Lee MSTR $115.33 -1.23
Lisa LNCE $22.94 -1.38
Lucas LEI $1.53 +0.01
Lulu LULU $57.35 +1.20
Marcus MCS $13.33 -0.45
Mario T.E. MGEE $48.59 -0.04
Mario T.Y. WMAR $11.81 -0.27
Marisa MOLX $24.24 +1.14
Namilita NL $11.88 -0.70
Nicole E. NICE $33.96 -0.03
Nicole M. COLM $52.97 -0.43
Reagan REGN $121.65 +4.01
Ruby RJET $4.96 -0.70
Wilson WILC $4.07 -0.05
Winston ED $63.77 +0.35
Zero ZIP $11.47 +0.10
Zondro ZQK $2.51 +0.32

July 13, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Today was a big ‘up’ day in the market: the Dow was up 200 points on numbers that were trumped up (JPM ‘much better’ $5.8 loss) or made up (China GDP growth).  Nevertheless, the averages were flattish on the week or, in the case of the Nasdaq, solidly lower (bad week for big tech like MSFT, INTC, CSCO, GOOG, AMZN, etc.).  Tons of earnings next week will move individual names, but I see no reason for the market to break out of its recent range.  The same is true of the Family Stock Index, alas, settling out this week at 12,381.  This six-month chart shows just how range-bound we’ve been.

The FSX ran up from around 11,000 at the beginning of the year (and from a base of 8800 in August 2011) to 13,600 in April, gave up 1500 points in a week (the week of the Justin-Nicole wedding, in fact), and in the two months since…nothing.  Two stifling, stultifying months shuffling up and down between 12,000 and 12,600.  Maybe it’s the heat.  Melting flesh can’t be good for the markets.


  • Marcus (MCS) +3.2%.  I finally emailed Marcus back not quite three weeks after I planned to, and his stock led the FSX to a +214 Friday.  Maybe I should try emailing myself.
  • Charlotte (ICE) +2.9%.  If Charlotte can bring her Inception DVD when she visits next week, Katie and Jenny both want to watch the movie.  I’d watch it again myself; this is one of the few examples of proselytizing I wholly endorse.
  • Brinkley (BCO) +2.5%.  Brinky bulls are making their case very forcefully this week.  The gist of the bull case is, if I’m not mistaken, that Brinky is a sweet baby boy who loves his mother and only wants to snuggle with her and give her hugs.  Brinky bears argue that he’s a stupid fat baby whose refusal to talk is only slightly less infuriating than his refusal to listen.  This week the bulls won.
  • Winston (ED) +2.1%.  With the surname-consolidation process now complete, Winston no longer has to write his full legal name as Ed Winston Liberi-Machi.  Think of all the time he’ll save.
  • Mario the Elder (MGEE) +1.9%.  Grandpa’s weeks of nomadic exile have ended, and he’s home in Hilton Head.  Home alone, no less.


  • Nicole E. (NICE) -5.3%.  Nicole also has a birthday scheduled for next week.  Unfortunately, we are already well-stocked in terms of July birthdays and that simply won’t do.  May I suggest something in an August vintage?
  • LULU -5.7%.  The Fat One has completely cracked.  This is what a momentum stock looks like when the bulls start to bail.

Where would I buy LULU, if I bought stocks?  I think somewhere in the range of $20-25; you can’t even see those levels on this chart.

  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -8.5%.  When I was briefing Katie for our pre-update review of the FSX last night, we realized we don’t have any recent information on Marcus and Jodi Ann.  Sometimes no news is good news, of course, but where Marcus is involved, that’s almost never the case.  JOY here is a victim of pessimism; an absurdly low multiple of 7.5 on trailing earnings suggests the market believes those earnings are about to crater.  If that EPS implosion doesn’t come to pass—and I say it won’t—JOY at $50 could be a terrific buying opportunity; if not, the stock is already cheap and nearing levels that acquisitive companies like Komatsu and GE won’t be able to ignore.  Plus there’s that wedding next month; wedding presents can definitely improve operating margins.
  • Zondro (ZQK) -10.2%.  Zondro and Lulu are in similar market niches, and both have been pounded since Nike disappointed the Street last month.  The difference is that Lulu could afford to take the hit; even with her recent swoon she’s up 20% for 2012.  Zondro—now down 39% YTD—not so much.  I will say this: Zondro will stop climbing onto the kitchen table to eat people food.  If that means he’s got to take another 39% beatdown, I will be that 39%.
Name Ticker 7/13/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $22.95 +0.56
Charlotte ICE $137.22 +3.92
Dustin DST $55.00 -0.13
Icarus ICS $15.49 +0.01
Jenny JNY $10.07 -0.32
Jodi Ann JOY $50.59 -4.67
Justin SCI $12.78 +0.21
Katie CATY $16.89 +0.36
Lee MSTR $116.56 -3.01
Lisa LNCE $24.32 -1.14
Lucas LEI $1.52 +0.08
Lulu LULU $56.15 -3.39
Marcus MCS $13.78 +0.43
Mario T.E. MGEE $48.63 +0.92
Mario T.Y. WMAR $12.08 +0.15
Marisa MOLX $23.10 -0.52
Namilita NL $12.58 +0.40
Nicole E. NICE $33.99 -1.92
Nicole M. COLM $53.40 -1.04
Reagan REGN $117.64 -1.90
Ruby RJET $5.66 -0.15
Wilson WILC $4.12 -0.11
Winston ED $63.42 +1.28
Zero ZIP $11.37 -0.11
Zondro ZQK $2.19 -0.25

Bravo, Jamie

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JPM earnings today; the stock is up more than 4 percent this morning.  The final loss related to the blown hedges (the ‘London Whale’ trades) is now $5.8 billion–and that is being met with relief, even excitement.  I just watched a hedge fund manager on Bloomberg TV talk about how this loss is much better (!) than estimates, and somehow no one threw rocks and tomatoes at the guy on air.  How did Jamie Dimon accomplish this sleight of hand?  First of all, Mayor Bloomberg ought to throw that shameless hedgie off a cliff for having the nerve to slurp the House of Morgan like he doesn’t do all kinds of business with one or two or thirty of its many arms.  Alas, he’s not alone; the market’s buying JPM, too.  Why?  It’s so simple I’m embarrassed for everyone.  When the initial loss was reported several months ago, we were told $2 billion.  Now, I think we can all agree that a $5.8 billion loss is not better than a $2 billion loss.  When Jamie went on his shareholder/Congressional apology tour, the loss was up to $4 billion.  Again, $5.8 billion is not better than $4 billion.  Then a few weeks ago, analysts began to float final numbers in the range of $8-9 billion–I clearly remember the breathless reporting around those leaks and lots of open speculation that $9 billion might not even be the limit.  Interestingly two to three weeks ago is right around the time that Morgan would have pegged the final loss and known it was nowhere near the $9 billion being rumored (it was closer to $9 billion than $2 billion, though, lest we forget).  So Jamie lets this $9 billion number percolate in the market for a few weeks, hits us with a ‘much better’ $5.8 billion, and soaks up the cheers.  Nice work if you can get it.

We’re In Trouble, Steinbeck-Style

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I’m worried about the U.S. economy; the stock market is pricing in a recession in a very subtle way, and with an economic contraction so soon after the Bush Recession the stink of the 1930s will be unmistakable.  After all, the onset and severity of the Great Depression owed much to the violent unwinding of speculative greed and corporate mismanagement rampant during the 1920s; if we’re suffering through a similar purgative period now, it wouldn’t be for the first time.  Why am I worried?  It’s this chart:

That’s the 1-year chart of Wal-mart, the world’s largest recession accessory.  Compare that chart to this

of our own Joy Global, maker of heavy machinery and other such equipment needed to actually build or otherwise accomplish things.  Does that make you feel good, America?  How about a 10-year chart of Wal-mart?

Wal-mart, history’s ultimate poverty profiteer, is pushing 10-year and ALL-TIME HIGHS.  The stock’s previous peak was in September 2008—anybody remember September 2008?  If I say Lehman Brothers, AIG, or banking crisis, do you remember now?  Wal-mart is predicting a severe recession, and Wal-mart is never wrong.  My lone, perverse hope is that if a second market meltdown arrives, burying the economy with it, it will at least wipe out the installed base of lawmakers and lobbyists from both major parties committed to nothing but winning elections and reaping the spoils.  They all have to go—both parties at the national level and every elected official too cowardly to face the country’s problems (for example…all of them).

All we need is a Dust Bowl and this will feel exactly like the last days of Herbert Hoover all over again.  Good thing we’re all clear there.

July 12— The United States Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26 drought-stricken states, making it the largest natural disaster in America ever. (Yahoo! News)

Never mind.

Don’t Forget The Carafe

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So I’m going to have this kind of brain today, am I?

This new coffeemaker has been failing me; looks like now we’re even.

July 11, 2012

Lazy Laziness

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Jenny and Reagan both decided they needed to have sleepovers with friends yesterday and I allowed it, despite having made it clear many times I don’t like unexpected kid incursions.  They also both decided that having sleepovers meant they didn’t have to do their chores; I’m behind schedule on my book edits as a result of picking up the slack and they know they’re expected to help if I can’t make up the deficit by force of will.  So Jenny arrives home after walking her friend home this morning and launches a preemptive strike.

Jenny:  Can I go lie down upstairs?

Me:  Why would you do that?

Jenny:  It’s just, for some reason, my stomach started hurting.

Me:  Your stomach was fine while Katelyn was here.

Jenny:  I know, but I was walking just now, and for some reason, it hurts.  So can I go upstairs?

Me:  Jenny, you are going to have to try harder than ‘my stomach hurts.’

Jenny:  I’m serious!  My stomach hurts!

Me:  I’m serious that you’re going to do your chores and watch your baby brother this afternoon, and you’re not going to complain, or he’ll be having sleepovers with his friends before the next time you get to.

Jenny:  Fine.  But can I go upstairs now?  My stomach really hurts.

I may sound insensitive, but ‘my stomach hurts’ coupled with a strategic ‘I don’t know why’ or ‘for some reason’ is Jenny’s go-to excuse.  She’s going to be 11 in a week and she can do better–at least mix in a headache every third time or so.

July 9, 2012

Book War II Update

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Why do I issue these despatches?  To refresh my martial spirit.  Maybe my five readers enjoy them, maybe they don’t.  Also, I like to taunt the book when I can.  To that end, the planned landings in behind the contested chapters 1 – 3 came off far better than I had any reason to expect.  Chapter 4 was the toughest nut to crack, and still it couldn’t hold out longer than three days; 5 and 6 fell in rapid succession thereafter.  Now 8 days into the renewed offensive–resembling Inchon more than Stalingrad, I’ve decided–I’ve got three scalps on the Book Line, with more to come.

My current position–occupying Chapters 4, 5, and 6–allows me to threaten the book in two directions, toward 7 or toward 3.  I made an opening sortie into 7 last night and will most likely continue that advance today.  At this pace I will wrap the markup/summarize phase in mid-September, although I hope to come in ahead of that mark by at least a week.

July 6, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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This week figured to be one of the most boring of the year, from a market standpoint, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was the first week of the quarter, a natural lull between the closing of prior quarter’s books and the start of the quarterly-earnings deluge (kicking off with Alcoa this coming Monday).  And not only was it the first week of the quarter, it was a holiday-shortened week.  And not only was it a holiday-shortened week, but the holiday in question came right smack in the middle of the week.  Can you guess how many traders worked both sides of that mid-week holiday?  I feel safe saying it was closer to none than to all.  The big news was the employment report this morning…which was disappointing to almost exactly the extent it was expected to be.  This was the takeaway from Reuters:

U.S. employers added only 80,000 jobs in June, a third straight month of weak hiring that shows the economy is still struggling three years after the recession ended.

Economists were projecting consensus of +90K to +100K; where’s the disappointment?   Crappy, after all, isn’t a synonym for disappointing; if you expected crap and crap is what you got, you’re not disappointed.  You’re not happy to be covered in crap, sure, but you’re not disappointed.  The economy isn’t adding jobs and it won’t add jobs unless and until we reject the made-in-China economic model we’ve adopted over the last decade-plus, swapping manufacturing jobs for low prices at Wal-mart.  The market understands this perfectly well, even if voters don’t.  It sold off on Friday, but the decline was reflexive and meaningless; this market is still on its summer sojourn to nowhere.

The Family Stock Index slightly outperformed the broader market indices by doing nothing, ending the week at 12,496 after starting it at 12,497.  With most of the season’s traveling over, it’s time for the rest of the summer to round into whatever it’s rounding into.  With the FSX all but unch, the market seems to have no better sense of what that will mean than I do.


  • Jenny (JNY) +8.7%.  Jenny says she’s up so dramatically because Pretty Little Liars season 2 arrived for her on Netflix.  I say it’s a relief rally given that season 3 (in progress) won’t be available for marathon viewing any time soon.  Alas, I’m sure Jenny’s mother will think of something new and terrible to suggest for her.  Anyone care to lay odds that Jenny and Katie will be watching the last season of Mad Men together next year?
  • Reagan (REGN) +4.7%.  Reagan says her favorite shows are Jenny’s teen dramas, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, and whatever else crap there is.  Really her favorite show is Phineas and Ferb.  Does the market prefer garbage teen shows or garbage kid shows?  Well, Jenny is -1.5% for 2012 and Reagan is +115%.  Seems pretty straightforward to me.
  • Nicole M. (COLM +1.5%) and Mario T.Y. (WMAR +1.5%).  They say the first two weeks of marriage are the hardest, and the market is relieved Mario and Nicole made it through.  Oh, so they don’t say the first two weeks of marriage are the hardest?  Well, they definitely say that the first week in a new FSX ticker is the hardest.  I know that for a fact because I’m the only one who says anything about the FSX, so they are me.
  • Icarus (ICS) +1.4%.  See?  New Ticker Relief Syndrome.  It’s a sure thing, as long as you ignore Nicole E. (NICE -1.9%).


  • Jodi Ann (JOY -2.6%) and Marcus (MCS -3.0%).  They say that the last five weeks before your wedding are the hardest; good luck, guys.
  • Brinkley (BCO) -3.4%.  Brinky didn’t enjoy our fireworks; he likes his sleeps and doesn’t like whiz-bangs.  Eventually those preferences will reverse, but we’re not there yet.  Maybe next year, buddy.
  • Wilson (WILC) -4.1%.  The fireworks terrorized Wilson, but once again, failed to deliver the expected sweet release of death.  Maybe next year, buddy.
  • Lee (MSTR) -7.9%.  Through Thursday I was up 4% for the week and in 3rd place behind my daughters.  That made some sense to me; the latest tactical approach I’ve developed for this phase of the Book War appears to be working, and I expect to have several relatively placid weeks upcoming in which to apply it to the utmost.  Then today the market sliced $15 right off my face and now I’m back below $120 and in a deep hole for the quarter.  It seems that a company that does something similar to whatever it is that I do pre-announced that they didn’t do nearly as much of whatever we do in Q2 as expected.  Supposedly I sold off in sympathy with my sector, but I think that’s a bogus explanation.  I’m not in anyone’s sector, and I’m doing at least as much of whatever it is I do as I’ve ever done.  No, something more sinister is afoot, and the spiders are behind it.  Possibly also sharks.
Name Ticker 7/6/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $22.39 -0.79
Charlotte ICE $133.30 -2.68
Dustin DST $55.13 +0.82
Icarus ICS $15.48 +0.22
Jenny JNY $10.39 +0.83
Jodi Ann JOY $55.26 -1.47
Justin SCI $12.57 +0.20
Katie CATY $16.53 +0.02
Lee MSTR $119.57 -10.29
Lisa LNCE $25.46 +0.23
Lucas LEI $1.44 -0.04
Lulu LULU $59.54 -0.09
Marcus MCS $13.35 -0.41
Mario T.E. MGEE $47.71 +0.41
Mario T.Y. WMAR $11.93 +0.18
Marisa MOLX $23.62 -0.32
Namilita NL $12.18 -0.29
Nicole E. NICE $35.91 -0.69
Nicole M. COLM $54.44 +0.82
Reagan REGN $119.54 +5.32
Ruby RJET $5.81 +0.26
Wilson WILC $4.23 -0.18
Winston ED $62.14 -0.05
Zero ZIP $11.48 -0.25
Zondro ZQK $2.44 +0.11
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