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May 24, 2010

Operation Mortal Coil

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Two weeks ago I laid out my plans to complete Operation Coda in time for my 33rd birthday, but events have since intervened, as they are sometimes wont to do.  Operation Mortal Coil began very unceremoniously last Sunday the 16th of May and has continued in the subsequent days.  My opportunities to plan have been few and far between and my aim has been to advance judiciously and expeditiously while–critically–protecting the rear and flanks of my formation from attack.  The greatest potential enemy has yet to be found and fixed, and the demands of the campaign have been and will be considerable irrespective of his efforts. Progress has been acceptable given the time that has passed.  But I now have a chance to consider the situation and formulate a plan of attack.  Being forever on the defense stinks.

This week I shall complete the evacuation and ordering of my mother’s house.  Right now it looks as though she was killed by a small but powerful indoor tornado, and that simply will not do.  In addition, I shall recover every trinket, every teacup, every scrap of paper that belonged to either my mother or my father.  The enemy will have everything that was his but nothing that was theirs, and I will leave him to soak in the poisonous ruin of his schemes.

The Pet Nasty War has changed irrevocably with the addition of my mother’s puppy, Zondro.  I wanted to change his name but I know that that particular ship has sailed.  Zondro’s addition means that I have his training to manage, but it also will undoubtedly cause changes in the behavior of the other animals.  I will effect a strategic retreat in good order, because what I need now is information.  Gen. Jenny has taken responsibility for the dog, so far as she is able.  It will be a true challenge for her, but she is adamant that it is a challenge she wants to face.

The areas of the house and the basement that I cleared during the operations of the past several months have been lost again in but a few days.  This time I have the artifacts of my mother’s life to sort out, and I am already missing the spiders.  I will be fighting both a large amount of junk and my own volatile memories.  I will win.

First things first: I need to do some laundry and wash some dishes.  Then I will go back to my mother’s house, if not today then tomorrow.  There will be no victory, now or ever, but perhaps one day there will be peace.

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