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September 30, 2012

FSX Q3 Review and Q4 Changes

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Overall, not too shabby.  Here is a comparison of the Family Stock Index to the other major U.S. equity averages for the third quarter of 2012.

NASDAQ 2,935 3,116 +6.2%
SPX 1,362 1,441 +5.8%
FSX 12,497 13,197 +5.6%
INDU 12,880 13,437 +4.3%

The columns are 6/30 value, 9/30 value, and percentage change.  WordPress mangles these things, so who knows what it will look like when I hit publish; the takeaway is that we performed well, gaining 5.6% in the quarter, but trailed both the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500, not adjusting for dividends.  Only 15 of our 25 stocks pay dividends and we yield a paltry 1%, so I doubt that would help us much.  For the year, however, the FSX is up 19.1%, trailing the 19.6% gain of the Nasdaq by only 50 bps and leading the S&P (+14.6% YTD) comfortably.

I really went for it with the individual quarterly results this time.  The final three columns are dollar change (Chg), simple percentage change (Pct), and total return including dividends (Tot).

Name Ticker 6/29/2012 9/28/2012 Chg Pct Tot
1 Lucas LEI $1.48 $2.34 +0.86 +58.1% +58.1%
2 Zondro ZQK $2.33 $3.32 +0.99 +42.5% +42.5%
3 Jenny JNY $9.56 $12.87 +3.31 +34.6% +35.1%
4 Reagan REGN $114.22 $152.66 +38.44 +33.7% +33.7%
5 Lulu LULU $59.63 $73.94 +14.31 +24.0% +24.0%
6 Mario T.E. MGEE $47.30 $52.99 +5.69 +12.0% +12.9%
7 Brinkley BCO $23.18 $25.69 +2.51 +10.8% +11.3%
8 Marisa MOLX $23.94 $26.28 +2.34 +9.8% +10.7%
9 Justin SCI $12.37 $13.46 +1.09 +8.8% +9.3%
10 Icarus ICS $15.26 $16.23 +0.97 +6.4% +7.4%
11 Katie CATY $16.51 $17.26 +0.75 +4.5% +4.6%
12 Dustin DST $54.31 $56.56 +2.25 +4.1% +4.5%
13 Lee MSTR $129.86 $134.07 +4.21 +3.2% +3.2%
14 Nicole M. COLM $53.62 $53.89 +0.27 +0.5% +0.9%
15 Lisa LNCE $25.23 $24.99 -0.24 -1.0% -0.3%
16 Jodi Ann JOY $56.73 $56.06 -0.67 -1.2% -0.9%
17 Charlotte ICE $135.98 $133.41 -2.57 -1.9% -1.9%
18 Winston ED $62.19 $59.89 -2.30 -3.7% -2.7%
19 Wilson WILC $4.41 $4.14 -0.27 -6.1% -6.1%
20 Namilita NL $12.47 $11.49 -0.98 -7.9% -6.9%
21 Nicole E. NICE $36.60 $33.22 -3.38 -9.2% -9.2%
22 Mario T.Y. WMAR $11.75 $10.63 -1.12 -9.5% -9.5%
23 Ruby RJET $5.55 $4.63 -0.92 -16.6% -16.6%
24 Marcus MCS $13.76 $11.10 -2.66 -19.3% -18.7%
25 Zero ZIP $11.73 $7.77 -3.96 -33.8% -33.8%

The youngest members of the FSX did the heavy lifting this quarter, with Lucas, Jenny, Reagan and Brinkley all placing in the top seven.  Zondro finished in second, but he’s a dog and pets don’t contribute as much to the average in my weighting scheme.  Lucas and Zondro both had some catching up to do; even with this quarter’s explosive gains, Lucas moved only as far as #15 in the year-to-date performance rankings (+1.3%), and Zondro is still down at #20 (-8%).  Jenny was in the red prior to this quarter, but not by nearly as much, and her +22% return for the year moved her all the way from #18 as of 6/30 to #7 now.  Then there’s Reagan.  She had actually fallen behind (!) Justin after the second quarter, but with WOLF out of the picture and another stellar quarter under her belt, Reagan’s 175% gain for the year makes her second-straight FSX championship all but certain.  Justin’s weighted return is down to +90%, but SCI itself has turned in a +26% 2012 and he would be in good shape even without the WOLF buyout during Q2.  Mario the Elder is surprising me as much as any FSX member; I was expecting a flattish year out of the utilities (Ed Winston has given me just that), but MGEE has appreciated steadily after a Q1 dip and stands now as one of the best performers of the year.

Nicole E. kicks off the tour of the bottom five for the quarter; nothing to worry about there, in my opinion, as she’s still positive for the year and poised in the middle of the pack (#14) with an unchallenging P/E to prevent any Q4 swoon.  I have my doubts about Mario the Younger, though, and I’m considering yet another swap for 2013.  Ruby had a tough quarter, but is holding on to a 25% gain for the year, making it hard to complain about RJET’s FSX contribution.  Marcus took a back-to-school beating, as expected, but recent fundamental improvements as well as traditional seasonal strength in MCS make me optimistic for the balance of the year.  Then there’s Zero.  He’s just doing what he does, wrecking 401(k)s and keeping the rest of the FSX humble.

The only change for Q4 is for Icarus.  No doubt you were wondering why his stock has been unch for the last month (or you didn’t notice at all).  Well, turns out closed-end fund managers can just up and merge funds anytime they want, and poor Icky got merged back at the end of August.  I just left him as-is because (1) I didn’t want to rebalance with a month left on account of a dog and (2) I wanted to see if Icky noticed.  He didn’t.  I am changing him for Q4, though, and I decided to go obvious.  Icarus is fast, so he’s going to be FAST in the FSX.  FAST is the ticker symbol for Fastenal, the industrial retail and distribution firm; with 296 million shares out and a $43 stock price, its $12 billion market cap is a bit higher than I’d like, but I’m just plain out of ideas for that dog.  Besides, even at $12 billion, Icky’s still looking up at Reagan, just like the rest of us.

September 28, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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The last week of the third quarter was a slow one in the markets.  The major averages took losses in the neighborhood of 1-2%, and the financial press was quick to attribute the sell-off to resurgent insurgents in Greece and Spain.  Um, no.  In the first place, this is the final week of the quarter, and the repositioning—legitimate and otherwise—taking place in the portfolios of big fund managers makes it impossible to draw any conclusions about the mood of the market going forward.  Second of all, the S&P 500 was up 7.2% for the quarter—a seasonally-challenging quarter—through last week, and was overdue for a pullback.  And thirdly…really?  Greece?  Really?  The market does not care about Greece.  This is a bad look for the Greeks:

No doubt about it.  But when I heard that they were rioting and burning things again, my first thought was that it had been a few months, so they were probably getting the itch.  The only thing that I find surprising about it is that they still have anything left to burn.  If your currency is devalued and your international credit is frozen—the situation Greece is headed for if they don’t accept budget cuts and stay in the Eurozone—you won’t be able to buy anything you need from abroad.  In that case, is it a good idea to burn the stuff you have on hand?  Can you blame the Germans for losing patience with this insanity?  This is what every German looks like this week:

That’s German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble.  Greece doesn’t care for him, and the feeling is mutual.  He is the face of dour German rectitude.

It’s a face the Greeks should learn to love.  Their behavior is contemptible, and the Germans have been extremely patient.  Historically, Germans don’t deal well with frustration.  They start dressing funny, then all hell breaks loose.

So far, though, the Germans are just annoyed, and everyone outside of Europe is indifferent.  The Greeks need to come to terms with that and stop burning stuff like it’s going to have any effect outside their own insane country.  They spent money they didn’t have; they gave up control of monetary policy when they weren’t ready; now the bill’s come due and they can’t print drachmas to pay it.  I love fire as much as the next guy, but I don’t recommend it as a cornerstone of fiscal policy.

The Family Stock Index put in a strong relative performance, rising 0.3% in a down market to end the third quarter at 13,197.  Breadth was slightly negative, 10 advancers to 14 decliners; the increase in the average was due to continued outperformance from Lucas and Reagan and a reversal in several recent laggards.  More on the third quarter overall, along with FSX changes for Q4, should be forthcoming this weekend, provided my enlarged-heart-related problems don’t get in the way.


  • Lucas (LEI) +12.5%.  The resurrection of Lucas continued through to the last day of the quarter, and over the final three weeks of September he’s posted gains of 12%, 10.6%, and 12.5%, respectively.  For the quarter as a whole Lucas gained 58%, but for 2012 he’s barely above breakeven (+1.3%).  Concentrated gains like these are great for the FSX in light of the rebalancing technique I use, but that’s not to say that I’m not hoping for a Q4 follow-through from LEI.  Activist investors have recently formed Lucas Energy Shareholders for Change (LESC)—I’m not making this up—with the aim of unlocking value.  That has to be good, right?  If I’d had Wall Street pushing me to get rid of my bolo tie in middle school, I’d be at least five inches taller today.
  • Reagan (REGN) +5.2%.  Reagan closed out the week a few cents shy of her all-time high, and analysts have been tripping over themselves to raise price targets.  At just under $153, Reagan is up 34% this quarter and a staggering 175% in 2012.  She’s getting her ears pierced on Friday—barring an attack of panicked fleeing—and she’s been watching YouTube videos of ear piercings to study reactions and estimate the likelihood of pain and/or swelling.  If you want to know what the market favors this year, it evidently favors focused insanity.
  • Nicole M. (COLM) +4.6%.  Katie reports that the purchase of a house is under consideration for the WMARCOLM conglomerate.  Mario (-1.0%) sold off slightly on the news; the market may be wondering, in light of his troubles with simple kitchen cutlery, if handyman duties could cost him an arm or a leg in a very literal sense.
  • Brinkley (BCO) +2.7%.  Why would he want to talk?  If we could understand him, we could more easily opt to disregard him.  Yelling and growling is the way to really motivate your family.  Good for Number One for sticking it to the speech-supremacists.
  • Nicole E. (NICE) +2.7%.  Nicole is coming to visit to enjoy the Dixie Classic Fair with us next week, and she was able to reverse a strong negative trend as a result.  Something to consider, Marcus and Jodi Ann (down 12% and 25% for the year, respectively).


  • Charlotte (ICE) -3.0%.  Toilet phone.
  • Jenny (JNY) -3.1%.  Jenny had school pictures this week and she’s pretty worked up about it.  It seems the photographer didn’t pose her the way she was supposed to, or something, and the result was a disaster I’m obviously too old and crusty to fully appreciate.
  • Marisa (MOLX) -4.5%.  Marisa has gotten big.  Not fat—strong.  When I pick her up now, she is appreciably heavier than she was in the spring, and all of it is lean muscle.  She’s like a panther; a tiny panther.  If you don’t know where all that muscle came from, just count all the bird skulls in the bushes and you’ll have your answer.  Reagan—cold-blooded mini-Katie than she is—was musing yesterday about how it’s starting to get cold and the birds will be flying south anytime.  Clearly, MOLX investors made the obvious connections several trading sessions before I did.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -5.6%.  Katie was lamenting the lack of a picks-related update from MnJA this week; looks like the market doesn’t like it either.  Until investors get confirmation that Marcus is fully prepared to resume his rap career and ride the Gangnam wave, the bears should continue to hold sway.
Name Ticker 9/28/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $25.69 +0.68
Charlotte ICE $133.41 -4.16
Dustin DST $56.56 +0.06
Icarus ICS $16.23 unch
Jenny JNY $12.87 -0.41
Jodi Ann JOY $56.06 -3.35
Justin SCI $13.46 -0.13
Katie CATY $17.26 -0.29
Lee MSTR $134.07 -0.85
Lisa LNCE $24.99 +0.31
Lucas LEI $2.34 +0.26
Lulu LULU $73.94 -1.04
Marcus MCS $11.10 -0.02
Mario T.E. MGEE $52.99 +0.07
Mario T.Y. WMAR $10.63 -0.11
Marisa MOLX $26.28 -1.23
Namilita NL $11.49 -0.12
Nicole E. NICE $33.22 +0.88
Nicole M. COLM $53.89 +2.39
Reagan REGN $152.66 +7.57
Ruby RJET $4.63 -0.34
Wilson WILC $4.14 +0.04
Winston ED $59.89 +0.79
Zero ZIP $7.77 -0.01
Zondro ZQK $3.32 -0.10

September 27, 2012

China Is A Communist Dictatorship

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That should be the headline on every business and financial newspaper, magazine, and website, every day.

China is a Communist dictatorship.  As in all Communist dictatorships, the rulers set prices for everything, including labor.  Our American corporations take advantage of those Communist price controls; that’s why there are no manufacturing jobs in America, and everything you own was made in China.  In return for price-controlled labor, these same American corporations provide the Chinese Communists with capital and technology.  Our corporate boards and executives are in bed with Communists.  During the Cold War we struggled to topple Communist dictatorships; now we subsidize the largest Communist dictatorship in the world.

China is a Communist dictatorship.  We can’t keep forgetting that.

If Cows Made iPhones, Would You Care Then?

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So there’s this, courtesy of the New York Times, spelling out what we all already know:

In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

The article is by Charles Duhigg and David Barboza; if you want to read it, it’s available on Yahoo! Finance.  My question is simple: how can some folks look down their noses at me because I eat meat and don’t drive a hybrid or electric car, then hold those same noses long enough to stand in line for the iPhone 5?  I’m not attacking anyone–I swear, Team Charlotte vegans, I’m not–I honestly don’t understand.  How does this kind of thing work itself out for Apple fans who loudly make other lifestyle choices based on abhorrence of cruel production practices?  If principles don’t apply in all circumstances, they aren’t principles–they’re preferences.  I understand the desire to find a balance between principles and pragmatism, but at some point, pragmatism itself becomes the principle.  I don’t presume to know where that line is.  I will say that all the people complaining about their factory-scratched iPhones this week ought to read the Duhigg & Barboza piece and ask themselves if they’ve crossed it.

September 25, 2012

Replacement Refs Think We’re Embarrassing

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Jenny will do the full Week 3 Brinky Cup update later in the week, but the results don’t look good.  Jodi Ann won the week–nothing wrong with that–but she needed just 9 wins to do it.  No one else managed better than 8-8.  Something’s clearly wrong–I’m thinking I got secret replacement picks.  Replacement Mario’s at .500 after three weeks?  Replacement Reagan’s tied for first?  Hopefully the real picks will be back by Week 4.

September 21, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Equity market trading volume continued to decline this week—Wednesday was the lowest volume day of the year—and the major averages finished the week close to where they began.  The markets have been on quite a bull run, especially of late: the S&P 500 was up another 1.9% last week and stands at +7.2% for the third quarter and +16.1% for the year.  Those are big numbers, and a hedge fund manager who hasn’t outperformed to this point in the quarter is going to have a hard time closing a gap of any size in the time left.  As a result, that time will likely be spent thinking of excuses to put in the investor letter rather than trading.  That means that volume will likely remain low through the next few weeks leading up to the beginning of 3rd quarter earnings reports in mid-October.  There’s always event risk hovering out there, but Europe has been on vacation since May and the markets continue to ignore the U.S. elections (good for them—I wish I could).  We could use a period of low-volume consolidation at these new, higher levels; boredom, in this case, could be affirmative.

The Family Stock Index lagged the broader market, declining by 0.8 to close at 13,161.  We’re now up a solid 19% for 2012, but I’d like to see the FSX trade down to the top of the prior range—around 12,750—and hold above that level before I could really feel like we’ve escaped the summer slump.  If we could execute that 400-point retrace heading into the 9/30 rebalance, I will be very bullish on Q4.


  • Lucas (LEI) +10.6%.  Another big gain this week, and it could have been bigger; Lucas was trading 10% higher before a bout of midday profit-taking hit the stock.  With a gain of 41% QTD, Lucas is one of the best performers in the FSX this quarter; seems like it’s been too long since I said that.  Middle school turbulence had pushed LEI into oversold territory, and bargain hunters finally took notice, pushing the stock from $1.40 in mid-July to $2.30 this week.  Is it too late to get in?  I can’t blame anyone for locking in some gains here, but for those with a longer-term view, the February high is $3.24, more than 50% above current levels.  Adolescence doesn’t last forever, after all.
  • Nicole E. (NICE) +5.7%.  We got a note from Nicole this week (are you jealous?)  and I noticed she signed it ‘XXOO’, a riff on Justin’s standard ‘XOXO’.  I like it.  When I’m replying to Justin—and feeling cheeky—I usually sign off with ‘XO Manowar’, and I feel like I need to stick with that.  So, generous guy that I am, I’m going to throw out ‘OXOX’ for whomever among my six readers grabs it first.  Maybe one of the vegans should take ox-ox in a show of bovine solidarity.
  • Lee (MSTR) +1.4%.  I’m not sure what’s behind this move.  I’m behind schedule on the book revisions; but the heavy rewrites were front-loaded even though I allocated time to each chapter evenly, meaning I’ll have a chance to make up ground in the second half.  I’m already in last place in the Brinky Cup after two weeks; no surprise there.  I hooked my first random Internet troll this week with one of my Romney posts, making feel like a real political blogger for a moment, but also reminding me why I don’t want to be a real political blogger.  (Check the comments if you missed that; it’s really classy stuff.)  Earlier this week I had another piece of tooth fall off and had to get another crown.  Naturally, none of that explains this week’s market-beating performance.  I believe that summer is the explanation; specifically, the end of it.  I’ve been able to turn off the a/c several times this week, something I haven’t done since April.  I’m the anti-Lisa when it comes to seasonal investing; you’d have done well buying LNCE in the spring and swapping into MSTR after August.


  • Katie (CATY) -3.3%.  Katie’s 9/30 fiscal year end and its attendant drama is coming; the fact that year-end comes, I swear, at least five times a year seems not to make it any easier for her to bear.
  • Mario the Younger (WMAR) -3.4%.  Troy Polamalu looks old.  Every time the camera cut to him milling around on the sidelines during last week’s game, he looked older.  There’s a lot of gray in that mane, and the hairnet doesn’t help.  That said, the defense didn’t suffer too much last week with Polamalu and Harrison out, and if sitting out again this week gets both of them right for the season, I’m all for it.  Just mix in a little Just For Men with the Head and Shoulders, Troy.  Do it for Mario.
  • Jenny (JNY) -3.6%.  I’m writing this off as few bulls ringing the register; Jenny’s up 40% for the quarter and 25% for the year.  She’s got middle school in a choke hold and the fundamentals look strong, but the valuation is a little stretched.
  • LULU -3.9%.  She goes by the name ‘Gracie’ on the street below ours.  When a cat needs an alias, it can’t be good.
  • Marcus (MCS) -8.0%.  Marcus has a love/hate relationship with his work; sometimes he thinks the good outweighs the grief, other times not.  The market isn’t so ambivalent, knocking 15% off the stock since Labor Day.  Maybe now’s the time to get that rap career going again.
Name Ticker 9/21/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $25.01 +0.20
Charlotte ICE $137.57 -2.52
Dustin DST $56.50 +1.20
Icarus ICS $16.23 unch
Jenny JNY $13.28 -0.49
Jodi Ann JOY $59.41 -2.19
Justin SCI $13.59 -0.40
Katie CATY $17.55 -0.59
Lee MSTR $134.92 +1.87
Lisa LNCE $24.68 -0.34
Lucas LEI $2.08 +0.20
Lulu LULU $74.98 -3.01
Marcus MCS $11.12 -0.97
Mario T.E. MGEE $52.92 +0.20
Mario T.Y. WMAR $10.74 -0.38
Marisa MOLX $27.51 -0.44
Namilita NL $11.61 -0.02
Nicole E. NICE $32.34 +1.75
Nicole M. COLM $51.50 -1.51
Reagan REGN $145.09 -4.59
Ruby RJET $4.97 +0.10
Wilson WILC $4.10 +0.05
Winston ED $59.10 -0.71
Zero ZIP $7.78 -0.17
Zondro ZQK $3.42 -0.05


Is That You, Mitt?

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When you’ve had it with poor people, you’ve had it.

The sleeve-spikes might be overdoing it, though.

September 19, 2012

Why George W. Bush Still Matters

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One major theme the Romney campaign returns to again and again is, in essence, “leave poor George alone.”  They’re not arguing that Bush was a good President–he’d have been turned away at the Republican Convention if he’d shown up–they’re arguing that he can’t have been so bad that we can be four years removed from his second term and still be struggling to repair the damage.  This is Obama’s mess, they say, because it can’t still be Bush’s mess.  They’re wrong.

First, they’re wrong from an historical perspective.  The Bush years were analogous to the eight years of the original crony capitalists, Harding and Coolidge.  Coming out of the restrictive, wartime economy and eight years of failure and arrogance courtesy of Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding’s policy was to get out of the way and let the corporatists do their thing.  If he indulged in some shenanigans on behalf of some wannabe corporatists, eh.  When Harding dropped dead of corruption in 1923, Calvin Coolidge ably did nothing in his stead, then was elected to do nothing in his own right in 1924.  What the unchecked corporatists did in the Roaring ’20s is borrow, spend, and speculate their way into a series of real estate and stock market bubbles that made a few people rich…then made a lot of people poor when the final bubble burst spectacularly in 1929.  The government did nothing to stop the excess and–here’s the difference–because another Republican was elected in 1928, it did nothing to cushion the impact when it all collapsed.  The extraordinary measures taken by the Treasury and the Fed in the final months of the Bush Administration and the first year of the Obama Presidency were in stark contrast to the ‘all is well’ approach Herbert Hoover took.  Even when FDR took over in 1933, adopting far more extreme measures than Obama has ever considered, the economy didn’t recover until WWII jump-started industrial production in the 1940s.  That was an entire decade lost to the aftermath of epic speculation and government negligence.  We’re on year four; it’s too early.

Second, Romney wants to be Herbert Hoover, if Herbert Hoover had been evil.  If we were having a debate about which policy course to take over the next four years, and the alternative to the current policy was something–anything–other than a return to the disastrous policies of the prior decade, I would welcome that debate.  This isn’t a debate–it’s a black comedy.  Are Americans really going to go for Romney after they’ve had time to reflect on how badly his approach screwed us all already?  Supply-side economics won’t work–the model is broken.  Indiscriminate deregulation leads to disaster–it happens every time.

I would love to stop talking about George W. Bush.  The Republicans want us to forget about him, though, and that’s something we can’t afford to do.

September 18, 2012

Poor People Will Still Vote For Romney

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So Darth Romney says that he doesn’t care about the 47% percent people who don’t pay federal income taxes, many of whom are the working poor and many more of whom are retired senior citizens.  We have the leaked video of Romney crowing about writing those people off, and proclaiming he won’t do anything for them as President.  So he loses all those votes, right?

Ha ha, of course not.

Why will so many poor people still vote for Romney?  Why will my own low-income, mostly rural North Carolina district vote Republican OVERWHELMINGLY in November?  In fact there are three distinct groups of poor people who will vote for Romney.

First up, we have the poor people who still think Obama is a Muslim because of his name, and assume that Romney and Ryan are Protestants just like them.  In fact, Obama is just a regular old Protestant, whereas Romney and Ryan are a Mormon and an atheist, respectively.  There are a lot of these people.  If you’re going to vote for a President based on his religion, the least you can do is get your facts straight.  But facts never matter much for this crowd, anyway.

Next, there are the poor people who are abominable racists.  There are a lot of these people, too; you don’t realize how many there are because they invent other reasons to hate Obama to conceal the fact that they hate him because he doesn’t look like them.  It’s one thing to think the guy’s a bad leader, or to oppose his policies; it’s another thing entirely to hate him like he did something to you personally.  The people who hate Obama so much it oozes out of their pores?—they hate him because they hate black people.  I guarantee it.  There’s nothing to be done about the racists; we just have to outlast them.  They’re losing history and they know it; that reality makes them hate the first black President even more.

Finally, and most problematically, there are the poor people who believe in the American Dream Lottery.  I’m not talking about the American Dream where you work hard to get an education, claw your way up in a profession, and relentlessly pursue a better life for yourself and your family.  That’s so 19th century.  I’m talking about the American Dream Lottery, where you end up rich for no good reason.  In the American Dream Lottery worldview, anyone can get rich by winning the actual lottery, by being a Teen Mom or a Real Housewife, by suing someone for something (suing soda companies because you’re fat is the next thing—you watch), or by dumbing down Twilight and adding S&M (yes, I know that dreadful woman is British—that just means it’s spreading).  There are a lot of these people, and they’re the ones the Democrats need to talk to.

The American Dream Lottery players identify with Romney because they don’t know how he got rich any more than they have a plan for getting rich themselves.  “That could be me one day,” they think, “and I won’t want to pay crazy taxes on all my magic money.  I better vote Republican.”  This is the American Dream as reborn in the toxic womb of Snooki from Jersey Shore.  Democrats have to make these people understand what Romney is really up to.  Romney wants to grind these folks into the dirt, drive them to crime, and lock them up in (privatized!) prisons.  He’s trying to deliver the 1% coup de grace, going a step beyond the string-them-along policies of the Bush era.

Romney wants to take your lottery ticket, poor people.  Are you going to let him take your lottery ticket?  Didn’t Jesus throw the lottery-ticket thieves out of the Temple?  I think he did.  We need to clear out the Temple, Jesus-style.  Even my district can get behind that, right?

September 14, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Time for another guest posting week! Aren’t you excited? (If it’s not clear from that intro, this is Katie.)

Lee’s done lots of talking about the market and politics this week, and he’s the best at that. I know the new iPhone was released this week, which was a big deal, but not to us because we don’t care about iPhones. Though I can report that Apple did a great job of very quickly replacing Reagan’s still under warranty iPod Touch this week when it stopped working. Seriously, I took it to the UPS store at almost 5:00 on Wednesday, they emailed yesterday to say they were sending a replacement, and the new one arrived today. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Now I sound like an Apple fan.

(Side note: if you’re wondering why Lee’s not writing this update, it’s because he’s been drafted to listen to Jenny explain Vampire Diaries, her newest obsession.)

So on to the people:

The Ups:

  • Lucas +11.9% – I’m not sure what would cause this big increase for Lucas. One of my main sources for update information is Facebook, and I don’t think it seems like Lucas has posted any on Facebook since he excitedly joined on his birthday. I’m hoping this increase means middle school’s about to get awesome for him.
  • Jodi Ann +8.8% – Jodi Ann’s first year teaching as Mrs. Eure must be going well. I’d guess her name will be mispronounced now more often than it used to be, based on personal experience.
  • Mario +6.8% – It’s just a great time of year for Mario – Steelers football, college football, and new TV shows. What else could he want?
  • Dustin +4.2% – Dustin and Lucas are both up, but Lisa? Not so much. Has Lucas taken up golf with Dustin?
  • Katie +4.1% – I believe I’m through the worst of my allergies for the year. I’ve had my super-attack this week, and I think I’m on the other side of it now. So I think I’m up because I’m past it. Of course, I never even should have typed any of that and jinxed myself.
  • Jenny +3.2% – Two exciting things in Jenny’s world this week: she’s started a new show (and watched too much of it already – Vampire Diaries) and she’s getting all A’s so far in middle school.
  • Justin +2.9% – A planned trip to North Carolina always does wonders for one’s stock. Keep that in mind, everyone else.

The Downs:

  • Reagan -1.9% – I can think of a couple reasons why Reagan had a little dip this week. One was that she missed her first day of school for this year. It was intentional because she had an opportunity to go to Dollywood with a neighbor, and she had a great time, but I know it also bothered her to miss a day of learning (her words). The second reason for her decline? No matter what we do or say, positive or negative reinforcement, Reagan can’t manage to do the basic chores she’s asked to do. Or even things that aren’t really chores like turn off their darn TV. Or bring down clothes. Or don’t take food into your room, but if we’re stupid and let you because it’s easier, don’t leave a bowl of ice cream in there to melt and get gross.
  • Lisa -1.9% – Sometimes Lisa’s stock changes with the weather. We’ve started to feel a chill in the air here, so I’m sure it’s chillier in the mountains. The end of summer is hard.
  • Nicole E. -4.0% – If you’re wondering, Lee’s note for what he was going to say about Nicole just says, “Too skinny.” So I guess you need to do some eating, Nicole. There’ll be some fair food here that could help with that if you come with Justin, but I suspect fried butter may not be part of the vegan diet.
  • Marcus -7.7% – Oh, the school year. Why must it start every year? I recommend some video game time or even a Google hangout with Jenny to improve your outlook.

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday, FSX fans (or members, who probably make up all the fans)!

Name Ticker 9/14/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $24.81 +0.12
Charlotte ICE $140.09 +2.96
Dustin DST $55.30 +2.23
Icarus ICS $16.23 unch
Jenny JNY $13.77 +0.43
Jodi Ann JOY $61.60 +4.97
Justin SCI $13.99 +0.40
Katie CATY $18.14 +0.71
Lee MSTR $133.05 +3.16
Lisa LNCE $25.02 -0.49
Lucas LEI $1.88 +0.20
Lulu LULU $77.99 +0.85
Marcus MCS $12.09 -1.01
Mario T.E. MGEE $52.72 +1.43
Mario T.Y. WMAR $11.12 +0.71
Marisa MOLX $27.95 +0.60
Namilita NL $11.63 -0.14
Nicole E. NICE $30.59 -1.28
Nicole M. COLM $53.01 +0.79
Reagan REGN $149.68 -2.87
Ruby RJET $4.87 +0.10
Wilson WILC $4.05 +0.04
Winston ED $59.81 -0.82
Zero ZIP $7.95 +0.20
Zondro ZQK $3.47 -0.10
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