Mr. Sensitive

May 25, 2011

Banana Face

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I’m not going for it, the decisive Wednesday battle Brinkley wants.  I’m just going to keep changing it up, refusing to let him concentrate his strength anywhere.  He shifts to, I shift away.  I went to the bananas earlier than usual.  It was a tough decision, but you know, they all are.  I had already committed to a bananas attack, but he was really enraged and I can’t have him thrashing around and screaming when the bananas come in.  I decided to lead with a 3 oz bottle and if that put him to sleep, so be it.  The bottle calmed him and I hit him right in the pie-hole with the bananas.  He handled the pie-hole periphery himself.

What does Dre think?  Respect.

I was surprised to discover that if I gave him a wet cloth, he would wipe the food off his own face, and do a cheerful and thorough job of it to boot.  This is more than I’ve managed to instill in Jenny after almost ten years.

March 10, 2010

Is It Cool?

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Sometimes I don’t know if it’s cool.  So I look up, and I say, “Hey Dre, is this cool?”  You might think that he always says, “Yeah, man, it’s cool,” but he doesn’t.  Sometimes he just looks at you the way only Dre can, and you know it’s not cool.

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