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December 31, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 17

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First things first: Mario wins the 2013 Brinky Cup.  Here are the final standings.

Games Back Week 17
Dark Mario 14-2
Marcus 8 12-4
Jodi Ann 10 12-4
Ultra Katie 13 14-2
Dark Lee 14 13-3
Nicole E. 17 13-3
Mario T.Y. 20 6-10
Reagan 19 9-7
Jenny 22 10-6
Tara 22 10-6
Lee 24 10-6
Lisa 26 13-3
Katie 28 12-4
Mario T.E. 29 9-7
Justin 29 10-6
Charlotte 36 9-7
Ruby 38 9-7
Brinkley 47 6-10

Mario wins, and Brinkley Bizarro-wins (bizins?).  Not only that, but they both finish off the season in top/bottom form, posting the best (Mario at 14-2) and worst (Brinkley at 6-10) Week 17 records.  Mario is joined in the Brinky Bowl playoffs by Marcus, Jodi Ann, Katie, me, and Nicole.  For each game I need each Bowler to send me or Katie the winner and the total number of points scored.  There are four games in this weekend’s wild card round:

  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts (Sat 4:35)
  • New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sat 8:10)
  • San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals (Sun 1:05)
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (Sun 4:40)

There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the Brinky Bowl this year.  Will I make my picks or will I turn it over to Jenny?  Will Nicole even make her picks (she’ll be gallivanting around Europe with Justin for it seems like the next month)?  And…well, that’s it, really.  Maybe ‘a lot of intrigue’ was overselling it.

Why Should I Water the Christmas Tree?

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Because damn it.

needles 002

December 29, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 16

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There are just a few hours to go before the final slate of regular season games kicks off, and by this evening a new champion will hoist the Brinky Cup (from afar, of course).  Here are the standings after Week 16:

Games Back Week 16
Dark Mario 9-7
Marcus 6 11-5
Jodi Ann 8 10-6
Mario T.Y. 12 10-6
Dark Lee 13 8-8
Ultra Katie 13 11-5
Reagan 14 10-6
Nicole E. 16 11-5
Tara 16 8-8
Jenny 18 9-7
Lee 20 9-7
Mario T.E. 24 7-9
Justin 25 10-6
Lisa 25 7-9
Katie 26 11-5
Charlotte 31 11-5
Ruby 33 10-6
Brinkley 39 6-10

Mario and Brinkley have matching six-game leads and look like locks to secure the Brinky Cup and Bizarro Brinky Cup, respectively.  Marcus and Jodi Ann have yet to make their Week 17 picks, though, and–with their playoff positions secure–one or both of them could decide to pick a buttload of upsets in a last-ditch attempt to catch Mario.  That’s certainly what I would do, except that I’m thirteen games out and fighting for my playoff life.  Going into today’s games, Mario, Marcus, and Jodi Ann are virtually assured of making the six-person Brinky Bowl playoff field.  Katie, Lee, and Reagan hold the final three playoff spots, but the matter is far from decided, as Nicole E., Tara, and Jenny are four games or fewer behind.  It promises to be an exciting day of games, and when the dust settles late this evening…well, I’ll be in bed asleep.  The dust will settle even more by tomorrow morning, though, and I’ll reveal the two Cup winners and six Bowlers then.

For those who don’t know, the Steelers can still make the playoffs if they win today (vs. Cleveland) and the Ravens, Chargers and Dolphins all lose.  Cuppers aren’t required to pick against those three teams, but those who don’t should definitely feel a little guilty about it (besides Mario, who should feel a lot guilty).


December 27, 2013

Family Stock Index 2014 Changes

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2013 is finally coming to an end and, as of this writing, the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indices are up 26%, 29%, and 38%, respectively.  However you slice it, it’s been a great year, as long as you like political farce, economic injustice, and/or Twitter.  That last one isn’t related to the first two—except as a possible antidote to them—but it is up 160% in the month-and-a-half since its IPO, even with a 10% pullback today.  The Family Stock Index is up 28% on the year, having lagged the broader market as the latter has gone parabolic in the last six weeks or so.  As we’ve had only three-and-a-half days of trading this week, I’m skipping the usual Friday update in lieu of a year-end index-rebalancing update.  I need the extra time since I’m making several changes, more than I’ve made at any time I can remember.  (That means absolutely nothing, of course, because I can’t even remember how many changes I made last year and—also of course—I haven’t organized this blog such that I have any way of checking.)

After the close of trading on December 31 we will bid a sad adieu to my favorite cat, Marisa.  Marisa, as you may know, has been technically dead since October 2012, but she remained in the FSX (in spectral form) until she was purchased earlier this quarter by evil corporate entity Koch Industries.  She’s now gone on to haunt the Koch brothers, with my blessing.  Lulu, alas, is still here.

We will still have 25 FSX members in Q1, even after Marisa’s long-delayed departure, because Josie Ann is being formally spun off from her mother, Jodi Ann, following the same procedure as I used for Cousin Brinkley back in Q1 2011.  As you all know, this isn’t the first time a Josie Eure has been part of the FSX; and yet, however many other features my niece inherits from my mother, a ticker symbol will not be among them.  Li’l Josie will be represented by j2 Global (ticker symbol JCOM), a $2.3 billion cloud services company based in Los Angeles.  Believe it or not, ‘cloud services’ evidently have nothing whatsoever to do with the weather, and are, in fact, some sort of Internet something-or-other.  ‘Cloud’ is one of those technology investing buzzwords that I hate—along with ‘big data,’ ‘social media,’ and anything having to do with ‘mobile’—because I’d say a solid 75% of the investing pundits throwing those concepts around have no idea how they actually cause companies to make (or lose) money.  Having said that, I like j2 from a generational continuity standpoint, and it will give the FSX some beta.  I like beta.  At a recent $49, JCOM is near the high end of its 52-week range ($30 to $56) and isn’t terribly expensive at 16 times 2014 earnings estimates.

The quest for beta is what drives some of the other changes I’m making.  Service Corp International delivered a solid 31% gain for Justin in 2013 (along with this masterpiece of objective journalism)


but at 18 times forward earnings, it’s expensive for a slow-growth business like death.  I may be leaving a lot of upside on the table if there’s a plague, but I can live with that (…or can I?).  Having dabbled in death for a year or so, I thought Justin might like to go in a completely different direction, so I’m putting him into XO Group, which describes itself as ‘a media and technology company providing multiplatform media services to the wedding, newlywed, and pregnancy markets in the United States.’  As was the case with SCI, however, it’s the ticker that’s the kicker: XOXO might as well be Justin’s name (for email purposes, anyway).  The stock trades near its 52-week high of $15, valuing the company at $365 million.  XOXO is expensive at 30 times trailing earnings (no forward P/E available), but there’s a social media aspect to its business, so valuation doesn’t matter in this market.

I’m making a similar, beta-inspired move with Zero, ditching Zagg for Zillow.  This move will see Zero trading under the ticker Z, an elegant symbol befitting my brother-in-law—or The Big Z, as I never call him.  Zillow ‘engages in the operation of a real estate and home-related information marketplace on mobile and the Web in the United States’ (according to Yahoo Finance), so there you’ve got the ‘mobile’ magic investors are so enamored of these days.  Does it matter that—at a recent $81—the stock is up four-fold from its 2011 IPO price and trades at 19 times sales and 160 times 2014 earnings estimates?  Not yet.  But if there’s anyone who can pop the social media bubble, it’s Zero—just look at the 45% loss he inflicted on poor ZAGG in 2014.

The final two changes I’m making are on account of the teen/pre-teen sector of the FSX behaving badly—big surprise there.  Lucas’ long-time representative, Lucas Energy (LEI), has traded in penny-stock territory (below $1) for most of the fourth quarter, and its low price, puny market cap, and high percentage-basis volatility have made its position in the FSX untenable.  But while it’s been clear for months that LEI had to go, I had no idea how to replace it, and I had to recruit help.  So after a painful brainstorming session, it was Reagan who finally suggested CTG—for CompuTer Gamer, she said.  Lo and behold, that ticker belongs to Computer Task Group, a Buffalo-based company that specializes in ‘selection and implementation of packaged software; design, development, testing, and integration of new systems; and development and implementation of customized software and solutions’—so, basically, a bunch of computer tasks, and a bunch of things that Lucas could probably do.  At $19, CTG trades at the lower end of its 52-week range ($16 to $26), but even there, its $350 million market cap dwarfs LEI’s $30 million.  As an added bonus, I can always blame Reagan if this pick goes awry.

The final change is for Jenny, whose JNY (fashion firm Jones New York) is being taken private for $15/share.  While this represents a tidy 35% gain year-over-year, it puts me in a tough spot—I liked JNY, and so did my fashionable eldest daughter.  Jenny wasn’t very helpful when it came to choosing a replacement, either, especially after I refused to even consider any Josh Hutcherson-themed stocks.  Pressed for time, I went with Just Energy Group, a Canadian natural gas distribution company, because its ticker symbol is JE.  I do like that we’ll pick up some energy exposure, and the nat gas sector in particular looks cheap to me.  Still, it feels like I’m settling, and that Jenny deserves better.  This is one I may move out of midyear, especially if I find something more suitable.

So that’s it: MOLXA, SCI, ZAGG, LEI and JNY are out; JCOM, XOXO, Z, CTG and JE are in.  All changes will be made after the close on Tuesday December 31.  I will also double Nicole M.’s weight in the FSX for the remainder of her pregnancy and add the as-yet-unnamed baby as of the first rebalancing after his birth.

December 20, 2013

FSX Friday Update

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Whoo-hoo!  We got a taper!  This week the Federal Reserve announced its long-awaited decision to reduce monthly bond purchases from $85 billion all the way down to…$75 billion.

Wait, that’s it?

That’s it.

The idea, of course, is that continued improvement in the labor market (for butlers and shoeshine boys, I guess) will allow the Fed to further reduce purchases and to eventually stop grossly manipulating market interest rates altogether, forcing bond issuers (corporations) to once again fairly compensate bond investors for credit and interest rate risk. Something else that will eventually happen is that the sun will exhaust its supply of hydrogen and begin fusing helium atoms, becoming a red giant star and, in the process, expanding to incinerate Mercury, Venus and Earth.  So stock up on SPF 1,000,000 sunscreen now, because there’s only 5 billion years’ worth of hydrogen left.  And sell stocks, too, because the Fed is tapering!

So why did stocks storm higher after the taper announcement Wednesday, with the major indices breaking out of their recent doldrums to set new all-time highs?  Could it be that the market knows that all the Fed is doing is slightly reducing the rate at which the size of its bond portfolio will continue to increase?  We’ll have Soviet-style central planning of the cost of capital for corporate America for years to come, folks.  But it’s all worth it, because this is what is necessary to provide job growth and revive the American middle class, right?


This brief article summarizes a report CNBC aired highlighting the unprecedented reallocation of wealth the Fed has made possible through its quantitative easing (QE) program.

(Definitely don’t watch the video because these dudes are even more annoying than they look in the still shot)

The title is a question—QE: The greatest subsidy to the rich ever?  The answer is an unequivocal yes.  The article notes that 95% of the income growth in the U.S. between 2009 and 2012 was captured by the top 1% of the population.  It uncritically quotes a billionaire hedge fund manager’s description of QE as “the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever.”  It just straight defenestrates the notion that rich people and corporations faired better during the Bush years than they have under Obama.

Damn, CNBC.  I never knew you had it in you.

I highly recommend everyone read the outrageous, galling statistical and anectodal evidence of the staggering injustice on which our ‘economic recovery’ has been built.  You might want to hurry, though—the richies won’t allow this kind of thing coming from their media mouthpiece but for so long.

The Family Stock Index had a decent five days—up 2.3% to 16,899—but we trail the broader market for the week, the month, the quarter, and now, even the year.  What happened?  Well, our laggards (ZAGG, LEI, LULU) continued to lag into November and December, they somehow enticed several of our leaders (RJET, REGN, SCI) to join them, and, well, that’s all it takes.  The FSX is still up 25% with a little over a week left in 2013, but that’s not good enough in the midst of a stock bubble.


  • Zero (ZAGG) +5.2%.  What the hell?  Zero had a stranglehold on the FSX Bizarro #1 position for like the tenth year in a row, and now he’s let Lucas back into the race with a just few low-volume, whipsaw sessions left to go.  First Charlotte has a league-best 11-5 Week 15 in the picks and now this?  Maybe it’s just reverse-reverse-psychology, Bizarro-style.  Me do not want to not lose Bizarro race!
  • Ruby (RJET) +8.4%.  This one’s more straightforward: Ruby doesn’t want to lose to a dog, and that’s what’s going to happen if she doesn’t make up a lot of ground on Zondro in not a lot of time.
  • Nicole M. (COLM) +6.7%.  Nicole is the best-performing FSX component of the quarter so far (narrowly edging out Charlotte).  It’s all about timing: Nicole will hit the worst of the pregnancy hella-swell at the optimum time of the year, weather-wise, whereas Jodi Ann (-15% YTD) is probably never going to be able to wear her pre-pregnancy shoes again.
  • Katie (CATY) +4.7%.  Katie’s stock is up 35% for the year and pricing in a significant acquisition premium at these levels.  When investors discover she’ll accept a pat on the back and a ‘good job’ in lieu of a premium of any kind, CATY could give back the 2013 gains plus some.
  • Lee (TGI) +3.7%.  Dammit, if the publishing industry won’t open the door, I’ll kick it down.  And if I can’t kick down the door (if it’s a nice door, like mahogany or something), I will definitely break all my toes on the door.  And when the publishing industry opens the door to see what’s up with the ambulance siren and the agonized groans, I will definitely look through the door and shout some rudenesses before the paramedics get me sedated.  That’s what this has all been about, after all: shouting rudenesses.
  • Mario the Younger (MAR) +3.4%.  If you have to replace all the shoes but you have a healthy, happy baby, you’d be crazy to complain.  But if you don’t have to replace all the shoes and you have a healthy, happy baby, you’d be crazy to replace the shoes anyway.  Ladies’ shoes are expensive.


  • Justin (SCI -1.2%) and Icarus (FAST -1.3%).  What if that Duck Dynasty dude finds out about Justin’s dog-kissing proclivities?  He might send his army of ducks to cover Long Island in feathers and poop.  Unless that show isn’t about ruling a kingdom of militarized ducks, in which case there’s probably nothing to worry about.
  • Wilson (WILC) -1.8%.  There’s always something to worry about.
  • Marcus (MCS) -2.4%.  Don’t even suggest replacing all the shoes with flip-flops.  You think you’re being practical and even a little whimsical, but you’re wrong.
Name Ticker 12/20/2013 Change
Brinkley BCO $33.22 +1.04
Charlotte ICE $224.46 +4.02
Dustin DST $90.37 +0.75
Icarus FAST $45.62 -0.62
Jenny JNY $14.87 +0.22
Jodi Ann JOY $54.45 +0.92
Justin SCI $17.39 -0.22
Katie CATY $26.42 +1.19
Lee TGI $74.98 +2.71
Lisa LNCE $28.02 +0.92
Lucas LEI $0.97 -0.01
Lulu LULU $58.80 -0.40
Marcus MCS $13.27 -0.32
Mario T.E. MGEE $57.07 +2.00
Mario T.Y. MAR $48.15 +1.58
Namilita NL $10.20 -0.27
Nicole E. NICE $40.47 +0.80
Nicole M. COLM $75.33 +4.72
Reagan REGN $278.69 +9.10
Ruby RJET $10.54 +0.82
Wilson WILC $7.96 -0.15
Winston ED $54.77 +0.44
Zero ZAGG $4.01 +0.20
Zondro ZQK $8.63 +0.35



December 19, 2013

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #20 to #1

Well, I feel better.  And yet…

I can’t help wondering…

Wouldn’t every one of these songs be much better with Puff Daddy mumbling in the background like he does on I swear every one of Biggie’s raps?  “Yeah…come on…yeah…that’s right…come on…Junior Mafia…yeah…”  If somebody doesn’t invent a time machine so we can have Puff Daddy mumbling over Brian Wilson on God Only Knows, then all this science has been for nothing.

Title Artist
20 Speed of Sound Coldplay
19 In the Light Led Zeppelin
18 Silver Lining Rilo Kiley
17 That’s What You Get Paramore
16 Tik Tok Ke$ha
15 A Thousand Years Christina Perri
14 Pictures Of Success Rilo Kiley
13 Find the River R.E.M.
12 Nightswimming R.E.M.
11 1901 Phoenix
10 Warning Sign Coldplay
9 Hit the Lights Selena Gomez & The Scene
8 One More Time Daft Punk
7 I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
6 Teenage Dream Katy Perry
5 The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin
4 Hey Ya! Andre 3000
3 Lose Yourself Eminem
2 Angry Chair Alice In Chains
1 Kashmir Led Zeppelin

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #50 to #21

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It’s about to get real exciting/baffling.

Title Artist
50 Cleanin’ Out My Closet Eminem
49 Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin
48 A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke
47 ‘Till I Collapse Eminem
46 Light My Fire The Doors
45 Everything In Its Right Place Radiohead
44 Down In A Hole Alice In Chains
43 The Execution Of All Things Rilo Kiley
42 Strange Loop Liz Phair
41 I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
40 Party Rock Anthem LMFAO
39 Pain 2Pac
38 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin
37 My Immortal (Band Version) Evanescence
36 The Way I Am Eminem
35 Big Pimpin’ Tha Dogg Pound
34 Sweet Child O’ Mine Guns N’ Roses
33 Shane Liz Phair
32 I Took Your Name R.E.M.
31 Papercut Linkin Park
30 Nutshell Alice in Chains
29 Come Into My World Kylie Minogue
28 Sonic Boom Sonic the Hedgehog
27 The Ocean Led Zeppelin
26 E.T. Katy Perry
25 Achilles Last Stand Led Zeppelin
24 Bump N’ Grind (Old School Mix) R. Kelly
23 Stratford-On-Guy Liz Phair
22 Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers
21 Drive R.E.M.

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #100 to #51

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Sometimes I wish I knew more Radiohead.  Other times I’m content with the three Radiohead songs I know.  It goes back and forth like that.

Title Artist
100 Wherever You Will Go The Calling
99 California Love 2Pac
98 Perfect World Liz Phair
97 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk
96 Help Me Mary Liz Phair
95 If Janet Jackson
94 Photograph Def Leppard
93 Stranger In Moscow Michael Jackson
92 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M.
91 I’m Real (Remix) Ja Rule Feat. Jennifer Lopez
90 Remains Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon
89 It’s A Hit Rilo Kiley
88 Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake
87 Dirty Day U2
86 California Gurls Katy Perry
85 Would? Alice In Chains
84 In My Place Coldplay
83 Make Me Bad Korn
82 Freak Of Nature Liz Phair
81 Junkhead Alice In Chains
80 I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift
79 In Da Club 50 Cent
78 Shook Ones Pt. II Mobb Deep
77 Get Lucky Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
76 Electrolite R.E.M.
75 Dead Man’s Hill Indigo Girls
74 Die Young Ke$ha
73 C’Mon Ke$ha
72 White America Eminem
71 On Bended Knee Boyz II Men
70 Pyramid Song Radiohead
69 When The Angels Fall Sting
68 Thunderstruck AC/DC
67 My Favorite Mistake Sheryl Crow
66 Suspicion R.E.M.
65 Easy Liz Phair
64 Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson
63 Dosed Red Hot Chili Peppers
62 Ignoreland R.E.M.
61 The Good That Won’t Come Out Rilo Kiley
60 Welcome to the Jungle Guns N’ Roses
59 Nashville Liz Phair
58 Black Pearl Jam
57 Under the Blacklight Rilo Kiley
56 Do I Have To Say The Words? Bryan Adams
55 Freak On A Leash Korn
54 Cupid Sam Cooke
53 Destiny Zero 7
52 Gz Up, Hoes Down Snoop Doggy Dogg
51 The Great Beyond R.E.M.

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #150 to #101

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Because I don’t want Marcus to run out of songs to play for li’l Josie.

Title Artist
150 Bars Of The Bed Liz Phair
149 Lisztomania Phoenix
148 Bad Girl Madonna
147 You’re In The Air R.E.M.
146 The Battle of Evermore Led Zeppelin
145 Miss You Much Janet Jackson
144 Stan Eminem
143 Love Story (Pop Mix) Taylor Swift
142 Back In Black AC/DC
141 Runnin’ Down a Dream Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
140 Nah! Shania Twain
139 Extraordinary Liz Phair
138 Into The Groove Madonna
137 Slide The Goo Goo Dolls
136 May Queen Liz Phair
135 Hysteria Def Leppard
134 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Kylie Minogue
133 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me U2
132 Walk Unafraid R.E.M.
131 What Goes Around…/…Comes Around Justin Timberlake
130 Dreamworld Rilo Kiley
129 Supervixen Garbage
128 Tearin’ Up My Heart ‘N Sync
127 A Man/Me/Then Jim Rilo Kiley
126 As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys
125 Armageddon It Def Leppard
124 When Will They Shoot? Ice Cube
123 A Little Bitter Alice In Chains
122 Man On The Moon R.E.M.
121 Still D.R.E. Dr. Dre
120 It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing Shania Twain
119 Can’t Stop This Thing We Started Bryan Adams
118 Superman Eminem
117 Everybody Hurts R.E.M.
116 I Think I’m Paranoid Garbage
115 Driver 8 R.E.M.
114 This Is Me Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas
113 What The Hell Have I Alice In Chains
112 What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? R.E.M.
111 The Lifting R.E.M.
110 B.O.B. OutKast
109 Digital Love Daft Punk
108 Pretty Noose Soundgarden
107 When It Rains Paramore
106 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ Michael Jackson
105 Never Heart
104 Too Funky George Michael
103 Why Not Smile R.E.M.
102 Heart Attack Demi Lovato
101 Don’t Make Me Wild Like You Etsuko Nishio

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #200 to #151

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Brinky’s sick today and not at all his usual mischievous self, but if he can keep watching Dora, stacking blocks, and chewing straws, I can forge ahead with the list.  He’s an inspiration, really.

Title Artist
200 Owner of a Lonely Heart Yes
199 What the Hell Avril Lavigne
198 Always Rilo Kiley
197 Synchronicity II The Police
196 Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
195 It Just Is Rilo Kiley
194 Stranded On Death Row Dr. Dre
193 I Wish R. Kelly
192 Buffalo Stance Neneh Cherry
191 Zombie The Cranberries
190 Throw Ya Gunz Onyx
189 Charm Attack Leona Naess
188 Wanted Dead Or Alive Bon Jovi
187 When Doves Cry Prince & The Revolution
186 Never Let You Go Third Eye Blind
185 Silent Lucidity Queensrÿche
184 White Horse Taylor Swift
183 Headache Liz Phair
182 On Our Own Bobby Brown
181 You Could Be Mine Guns N’ Roses
180 Something’s Always Wrong Toad The Wet Sprocket
179 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Katy Perry
178 Try Not To Breathe R.E.M.
177 (Don’t Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult
176 Big Empty Stone Temple Pilots
175 Monkey George Michael
174 Fascination Street The Cure
173 Just Dance Lady Gaga & Colby O’Donis
172 One Metallica
171 Sultans of Swing Dire Straits
170 Regulate Nate Dogg & Warren G
169 Misery Business Paramore
168 Fix You Coldplay
167 Dre Day Dr. Dre
166 Burn The Cure
165 Roni Bobby Brown
164 Here to Stay Korn
163 Blood Sugar Sex Magik Red Hot Chili Peppers
162 The Scientist Coldplay
161 That Don’t Impress Me Much (Pop Remix) Shania Twain
160 Absolutely Fabulous (Rollo Mix) Pet Shop Boys
159 Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana
158 Holla At Me 2Pac
157 Sex Type Thing Stone Temple Pilots
156 Fly Away Lenny Kravitz
155 Rearviewmirror Pearl Jam
154 Johnny Feelgood Liz Phair
153 The Rain Song Led Zeppelin
152 Freedom 90 George Michael
151 Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode


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