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August 27, 2010

Operation Dollhouse – Day Three

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I am cleaning the walls this morning, and once they have dried I will be better positioned to decide what I would like to have my son staring at while refusing to take a nap.  I am, as usual, inclined to repaint, but I recognize that I have a pro-paint bias.  The Empress and I discussed the possibility of a wallpaper solution last night and that is certainly on the table as well.  The cleaning has to go forward in any event, and perhaps I will find inspiration while I work.  I must remember that I have many deer heads and deer antlers passed on to me by the previous Brinkley, so if we go with a death and dismemberment theme we’ve already got the supplies.

August 26, 2010

Wall Graffiti By Reagan

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This means something:

It means that I was too late with the current rule limiting the use of pens, pencils and markers to paper.  But I also think it might be a prophecy of some kind and I’m hesitant to paint over it.  So I’m going to paint over it hesitantly.

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