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February 14, 2014

FSX Friday Update

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NASDAQ Composite +2.9% this week to a new 13-year high.  Forget the other, broader indices—this is the epicenter of the impending disaster.  I’m expecting the NASDAQ—now at 4,244—to be 20% higher in a month…and 50% lower by the end of the year.  It’s 2000 all over again, with biotechs in the role of telecom equipment makers and social media companies in the role of the dot-coms.  Don’t try to fight it, this thing was meant to be.

Family Stock Index +3.2% to 16,665.  Apparently Zero and I need to stink it up in order to have the FSX outperform; that’s been the pattern the last few years but I was thinking this might be the year that trend reversed.  It isn’t.

Katie and the girls wrote the A/D section.  You can tell because Katie’s punctuation is abominable.

There should be one space after a comma and TWO SPACES AFTER A PERIOD, DAMMIT!  TWO!

If there’s anything in the world that makes me madder than one space after a period, I can’t think of it right now.


  • Jenny (GNE) +8.4%.Me: Jenny, why are you up? Jenny: No school for three days? I read the book. Me: What book? Jenny: Perks of Being a Wallflower. Lee: A book? You read a book every day. What’s different? Reagan: Well, she built that big snowman that she had to get two people to help her roll up the hill. Me: I know. It’s because her secret crush is going to give her a Valentine when they finally go back to school next week. Jenny: And I’m going to get a haircut this weekend. I’ll walk if I have to.
  • Reagan (REGN) +8.1%. Lee: You two are up almost the exact same amount, probably because this is the most snow you’ve ever seen. Reagan: Um. Um. Jenny: SNOW! Her hat got to grace the top of my snowman. Reagan: Wow, Jenny. Lee: You definitely beat those losers across the street with your big snowman. Reagan: Yeah! Jenny: I made it. Reagan: I can still spell, even though the spelling-bee-ness is over. And I’m happy I’m doing an ambassador thing tomorrow.
  • LULU +7.7%. Lee: Lulu is well-fed judging by her litter box this week. And she puked in her water bowl. Me: Those don’t sound like reasons to be up to me. But maybe she really enjoyed the food she shoved in too quickly.
  • Nami & Lita (NL) +7.6%. Reagan: They were the stars of Instagram like this whole week. Instagram sensations. Me: And here I was just thinking they enjoyed Charlotte and Zero being home for snow days.
  • Josie (JCOM) +6.8%. Reagan: Um, well, apparently Jodi Ann bought these really cute outfits for her and posted pictures of her on Instagram. She looks very pretty. Jenny: So another Instagram sensation!
  • Lucas (CTG) +6.0%. Jenny: He’s been having some snow days too. I mean, he’s going to be in school until the end of June, but…lucky!
  • Justin (XOXO) +5.2%. Reagan: Oh! He has a moustache. Jenny: And he got to talk to us. Reagan: We graced him with our presence.


  • Lee (TGI) -1.3%. Me: I don’t think snow days with everyone home are his favorite days. Jenny: I don’t think he likes That Thing You Do! (our Katie’s birthday movie choice). He doesn’t like Tom Hanks, and he’s in it. Reagan: The curling team he wants to win didn’t. Me: Is that true? Reagan: I don’t know.
  • Zero (Z) -5.6%. Jenny: He wasn’t the star of Instagram. Reagan: Um. Me: Do you want to leave it at that – he wasn’t the star of Instagram? Reagan: No, just um.
  • Ruby (RJET) -6.8%. Me: Because her daughter’s so old now? Jenny: Because she wasn’t here with you on your birthday. Reagan: That’s what I was gonna say! Her granddaughter’s a big poopy face. The older one. Jenny: The younger one.
Name Ticker 2/14/2014 Change
Brinkley BCO $31.66 +0.48
Charlotte ICE $214.85 -0.67
Dustin DST $94.46 +3.95
Icarus FAST $44.98 +0.75
Jenny GNE $10.57 +0.82
Jodi Ann JOY $56.66 +1.87
Josie Ann JCOM $49.06 +3.14
Justin XOXO $12.46 +0.62
Katie CATY $24.27 +0.66
Lee TGI $65.25 -0.85
Lisa LNCE $26.75 +0.90
Lucas CTG $16.79 +0.95
Lulu LULU $51.05 +3.67
Marcus MCS $13.63 +0.05
Mario T.E. MGEE $38.73 +1.72
Mario T.Y. MAR $51.52 +2.29
Namilita NL $11.32 +0.80
Nicole E. NICE $39.45 +1.25
Nicole M. COLM $76.97 +3.37
Reagan REGN $323.99 +24.20
Ruby RJET $9.11 -0.66
Wilson WILC $8.08 +0.20
Winston ED $55.16 +1.14
Zero Z $80.96 -4.84
Zondro ZQK $7.27 +0.37

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