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February 5, 2014

The Tao of Jenny

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Here’s how it’s supposed to go in the morning when the kids leave the house:

Parent: Have a good day.

Kid: You too.

Everybody knows that’s how it’s done.  It’s like the ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine, how are you?’ ‘Fine’ exchange–protocol, nothing more.  But there’s no protocol in the Tao of Jenny.  I happened to notice this morning how Jenny leaves for the day.

Me: Have a good day, Jen.

Jenny: I will.

Boom!  That’s how it’s done.  And why not?  I wasn’t asking if she wanted to have a good day, after all–I was telling her to.  I certainly wasn’t asking her if I should have a good day.  What if we had the following conversation this afternoon?

Me: Clean up your dishes when you’re finished.

Jenny: You too.

MeThe hell I will!  You don’t tell me what to do.  I’ll leave my dirty dishes in your bed.  I’ll throw my dirty dishes at your face.

That’s how that would go.

Jenny knows what she’s doing–I told her to have a good day and she acknowledged the order.  Protocol shmotocol.


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  1. Jenny’s pretty awesome.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — February 5, 2014 @ 11:24 | Reply

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