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January 30, 2014

Brinky Bowl 2014 – Marcus Wins

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I know–how can the competition be over even before Super Bowl XXXLMVIQWERTY kicks off?  Isn’t the Super Bowl worth more points than the prior rounds’ games?  Here’s the weighting scheme I use, unchanged from last year’s nail-biter (a come-from-behind win for Nicole E.).

  • Wild Card round: 4 games, 4 points each
  • Divisional round: 4 games, 5 points each
  • Conference Championship round: 2 games, 7 points each
  • Super Bowl: 10 points

11 games, 60 possible points.  The idea is that you can bomb early and stay in the competition through the end.  Only Marcus went 9-1 through the first three rounds, his only loss due to San Diego’s first round upset of Cincinnati (how does Marvin Lewis still have a job?).  Second-place Mario’s 7-3 record netted him 35 points to Marcus’ 46 points, rendering the Super Bowl meaningless.  Except for the commercials, of course.

Congratulations Marcus, Brinky Bowl 2014 Champion!  I will eat a box of Cheez-its in your honor this Sunday.  Nicole, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to not send back the Brinky Bowl trophy I never sent you–it’s only fair.



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