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December 31, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 17

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First things first: Mario wins the 2013 Brinky Cup.  Here are the final standings.

Games Back Week 17
Dark Mario 14-2
Marcus 8 12-4
Jodi Ann 10 12-4
Ultra Katie 13 14-2
Dark Lee 14 13-3
Nicole E. 17 13-3
Mario T.Y. 20 6-10
Reagan 19 9-7
Jenny 22 10-6
Tara 22 10-6
Lee 24 10-6
Lisa 26 13-3
Katie 28 12-4
Mario T.E. 29 9-7
Justin 29 10-6
Charlotte 36 9-7
Ruby 38 9-7
Brinkley 47 6-10

Mario wins, and Brinkley Bizarro-wins (bizins?).  Not only that, but they both finish off the season in top/bottom form, posting the best (Mario at 14-2) and worst (Brinkley at 6-10) Week 17 records.  Mario is joined in the Brinky Bowl playoffs by Marcus, Jodi Ann, Katie, me, and Nicole.  For each game I need each Bowler to send me or Katie the winner and the total number of points scored.  There are four games in this weekend’s wild card round:

  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts (Sat 4:35)
  • New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles (Sat 8:10)
  • San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati Bengals (Sun 1:05)
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (Sun 4:40)

There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding the Brinky Bowl this year.  Will I make my picks or will I turn it over to Jenny?  Will Nicole even make her picks (she’ll be gallivanting around Europe with Justin for it seems like the next month)?  And…well, that’s it, really.  Maybe ‘a lot of intrigue’ was overselling it.


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