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December 29, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 16

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There are just a few hours to go before the final slate of regular season games kicks off, and by this evening a new champion will hoist the Brinky Cup (from afar, of course).  Here are the standings after Week 16:

Games Back Week 16
Dark Mario 9-7
Marcus 6 11-5
Jodi Ann 8 10-6
Mario T.Y. 12 10-6
Dark Lee 13 8-8
Ultra Katie 13 11-5
Reagan 14 10-6
Nicole E. 16 11-5
Tara 16 8-8
Jenny 18 9-7
Lee 20 9-7
Mario T.E. 24 7-9
Justin 25 10-6
Lisa 25 7-9
Katie 26 11-5
Charlotte 31 11-5
Ruby 33 10-6
Brinkley 39 6-10

Mario and Brinkley have matching six-game leads and look like locks to secure the Brinky Cup and Bizarro Brinky Cup, respectively.  Marcus and Jodi Ann have yet to make their Week 17 picks, though, and–with their playoff positions secure–one or both of them could decide to pick a buttload of upsets in a last-ditch attempt to catch Mario.  That’s certainly what I would do, except that I’m thirteen games out and fighting for my playoff life.  Going into today’s games, Mario, Marcus, and Jodi Ann are virtually assured of making the six-person Brinky Bowl playoff field.  Katie, Lee, and Reagan hold the final three playoff spots, but the matter is far from decided, as Nicole E., Tara, and Jenny are four games or fewer behind.  It promises to be an exciting day of games, and when the dust settles late this evening…well, I’ll be in bed asleep.  The dust will settle even more by tomorrow morning, though, and I’ll reveal the two Cup winners and six Bowlers then.

For those who don’t know, the Steelers can still make the playoffs if they win today (vs. Cleveland) and the Ravens, Chargers and Dolphins all lose.  Cuppers aren’t required to pick against those three teams, but those who don’t should definitely feel a little guilty about it (besides Mario, who should feel a lot guilty).



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