Mr. Sensitive

December 19, 2013

Top Songs 2013 Edition – #20 to #1

Well, I feel better.  And yet…

I can’t help wondering…

Wouldn’t every one of these songs be much better with Puff Daddy mumbling in the background like he does on I swear every one of Biggie’s raps?  “Yeah…come on…yeah…that’s right…come on…Junior Mafia…yeah…”  If somebody doesn’t invent a time machine so we can have Puff Daddy mumbling over Brian Wilson on God Only Knows, then all this science has been for nothing.

Title Artist
20 Speed of Sound Coldplay
19 In the Light Led Zeppelin
18 Silver Lining Rilo Kiley
17 That’s What You Get Paramore
16 Tik Tok Ke$ha
15 A Thousand Years Christina Perri
14 Pictures Of Success Rilo Kiley
13 Find the River R.E.M.
12 Nightswimming R.E.M.
11 1901 Phoenix
10 Warning Sign Coldplay
9 Hit the Lights Selena Gomez & The Scene
8 One More Time Daft Punk
7 I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
6 Teenage Dream Katy Perry
5 The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin
4 Hey Ya! Andre 3000
3 Lose Yourself Eminem
2 Angry Chair Alice In Chains
1 Kashmir Led Zeppelin

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