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December 12, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 14

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I don’t want to say that Mario slammed the door on the field in Week 14…so I won’t.  If it makes you happy to say that—if, for example, you’re Mario—feel free to do so in comfort of your own home.  Anyone hoping for a little Brinky Cup drama down the stretch looks to be out of luck.

The real excitement is at the bottom of the standings, where Brinkley’s commitment to blech-cellence appears to be wavering.  His 10-6 Week 14 face-plant cut his disadvantage to two games over Charlotte and Ruby, and it could easily have been more costly if either of his pursuers had been even slightly worse than mediocre.

As it happens, the only Cupper who failed to finish the week at .500 or above is Jenny.  She’s now fallen one game out of the sixth and final playoff spot and, worse still, a game behind Reagan.  This could be a real issue if I had any intention of telling either of them.

Games Back Week 14
Dark Mario 12-4
Jodi Ann 8 9-7
Mario T.Y. 8 10-6
Marcus 9 10-6
Dark Lee 10 10-6
Tara 12 8-8
Reagan 13 8-8
Ultra Katie 13 9-7
Jenny 14 6-10
Lee 16 10-6
Mario T.E. 17 10-6
Nicole E. 18 8-8
Lisa 20 8-8
Justin 23 8-8
Katie 26 8-8
Charlotte 32 8-8
Ruby 32 8-8
Brinkley 34 10-6



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