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December 3, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 13

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Is it Tara time?  Perhaps you didn’t notice any stunning outcomes when perusing Week 13’s NFL results, and will be surprised to see Tara and Reagan dominating the week, at 13-3 and 12-4, respectively.  Reagan’s probably a flash in the pan.  Tara is the defending Brinky Cup champion, though, so maybe you better ask somebody.  If the Brinky Bowl playoffs began today, the qualifiers would be Tara, Jenny, Lee, Marcus, Jodi Ann and Mario.  Reagan (one game out) and Katie (two games out) are still very much in contention with four weeks remaining.

Ruby (5-11) and Brinky (6-10) handled their business in down Bizarro World, but Charlotte (8-8) continues to drift perilously close to respectability.  I’m not surprised; she commented a few weeks ago that she would be happy if she won the Bizarro Brinky Cup, and that’s nowhere near the losing attitude she needs.  “Me hate to win Bizarro Cup!”—that’s what I want to hear.  Get your mind right, Sis.


Games Back Week 13
Dark Mario 8-8
Jodi Ann 5 9-7
Mario T.Y. 6 10-6
Marcus 7 8-8
Dark Lee 8 10-6
Jenny 8 8-8
Tara 8 13-3
Reagan 9 12-4
Ultra Katie 10 7-9
Lee 14 7-9
Nicole E. 14 8-8
Mario T.E. 15 10-6
Lisa 16 9-7
Justin 19 6-10
Katie 22 7-9
Charlotte 28 8-8
Ruby 28 5-11
Brinkley 32 6-10





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