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November 21, 2013

Obamacare Conspiracy

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Here’s my Obamacare disaster conspiracy theory:  John Roberts is a Sith Lord.

It doesn’t make any sense how the Administration can have had so much time to implement the Affordable Care Act and botch it so horrifically.  But what if Obama never believed this is the system that would be implemented, because he was certain the Supreme Court would strike down the ACA in 2012?   Bear with me.

It’s early 2012, and Obama believes the individual mandate is probably unconstitutional, but sees that public momentum is building in favor of health care reform.  He believes the Roberts Court—the Court of Citizens United—will throw out the ACA, and he will be able to channel the reform momentum into his campaign and then push through a sensible, feasible single-payer national health insurance bill in 2013.  After all, he never wanted this private-public, state-federal mish-mash in the first place—it’s clearly unworkable and he hasn’t bothered to invest much time and energy thinking about how to implement it.  But Roberts—evil genius that he is—throws Obama a curveball and votes to uphold ACA on the flimsiest of pretexts (it’s a tax?  what?).  Scalia, Alito and Thomas—short-sighted idiots that they are—are genuinely furious, and that makes Roberts look less partisan instead of more so.  It’s brilliant.  Obama and his team don’t have time to worry about the implementation of ACA because they’re in the middle of a campaign, and then when Obama is reelected he’s crippled by the insanity and intransigence of the Armageddonists in the House as well as his own mounting hubris.  Suddenly it’s time to roll out Obamacare, and it is an unqualified disaster—because of course it is.  What did anyone expect given the poor design and even poorer execution?  I don’t know if any elected official—Republican or Democrat—expected quite the meltdown that has transpired.

But John Roberts did.


Always two there are, Yoda said—no more, no less.  A master, and an apprentice.  If Roberts is the master—and he is—who is the apprentice?

Do I really have to say it?




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