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November 12, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 10

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Week 10 of the NFL season changed everything.

Well, not everything changed.  And really, the games didn’t change much of anything, but there were happenings—oh, yes, there were.  Jodi Ann didn’t make her picks for the week, which ordinarily would have resulted in an 0-14 record and a precipitous drop in the Brinky Cup standings.  However, the reason Jodi Ann didn’t make her picks (probably) is that she was having a baby (definitely).  It follows, therefore, that she got everything right on Sunday, and instead of 0-14, she went 14-0.  That’s just logic, pure and simple.  Her perfect week vaults Jodi Ann from 13 games back to just 6 games back.  What’s really important, though, is that both Jodi Ann and little Josie are healthy and should be home soon, if they aren’t already.  Which also means there should be no problem getting those Week 11 picks in on time…right, Marcus?

It was a crazy week for other Cuppers as well.  Perennial Bizarro leader Ruby posted the best non-baby-assisted record (11-3) and Charlotte wasn’t far behind at 9-5.  Ultra Katie and Jenny had been riding strong positive momentum up the standings, but both took a step back with records of 6-8 and 5-9, respectively.  Pre-season Mario (10-4) outperformed Dark Mario (7-7), although the latter maintained his hold on the top spot in the standings—proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Games Back Week 10
Dark Mario 7-7
Marcus 3 10-4
Mario T.Y. 4 10-4
Ultra Katie 5 6-8
Jenny 6 5-9
Jodi Ann 6 14-0
Dark Lee 8 8-6
Tara 9 7-7
Reagan 13 10-4
Lisa 14 7-7
Nicole E. 14 9-5
Mario T.E. 15 7-7
Justin 16 7-7
Lee 16 7-7
Katie 17 6-8
Ruby 22 11-3
Brinkley 25 6-8
Charlotte 27 9-5




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