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October 17, 2013

Aren’t We Going to Do This Whole Thing Again In A Few Months?

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Short answer: no.

I’m surprised at the level of disgust in the financial press today, with the overwhelming takeaway seeming to be that last night’s shutdown-ending deal is terrible because it doesn’t remove uncertainty for any meaningful period of time.  I could not disagree more, and the market–up throughout the showdown and up again today–agrees with me.  This deal broke the momentum of the Tea Party–that’s what matters.  Those lunatics–and the Citizens United brigade backing them–put everything into this showdown, and it was as much an effort to destroy the moderates in the GOP as to destroy Obamacare.  The three-month cooling-off period is perfect, because it will give the moderates a chance to calm their nerves and realize that they stood up to the teabaggers and the world didn’t end. That doesn’t seem like it should be a revelation, but Republicans have been voting based on the Koch Brothers’ scorecards for long enough now that–for some, at least–this has to feel pretty good.  Mitch McConnell was practically giddy.

I also disagree with those who say that this whole ordeal was unnecessary.  It was absolutely necessary.  This is part of is the long-term purgative process that is an inevitable consequence of the idiotic, failed 2012 electoral strategy adopted by the GOP to defeat Obama.  They brought crazy people into their caucus to galvanize all the most reactionary, racist and anti-everything elements of society and increase voter turnout, and it wasn’t enough.  Now they have to get rid of the whackjobs, and it’ll take a few election cycles to do that.  Everyone needs to calm down.  This showdown was about breaking the power of the Tea Party to intimidate moderate Republicans, and this outcome is the best we could have hoped for.  The Republican Party won’t get well overnight, but at least the fever has broken.


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