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October 15, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 6

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Week 6 of the NFL season was, collectively, the best week in Brinky Cup history, as we combined for a 181-89 record and no one finished the week with a sub-.500 record.  I had to check the spreadsheet three times, that’s how unbelievable it was.  Ruby put in her best Bizarro effort, but even then she couldn’t manage worse than 8-7.  No one ran away with the week, either, with Jenny, Justin and Dark Me tied for first, and everyone else (except Ruby) winning between 9 and 11 games.  Not surprisingly, the overall standings were little changed.  Both versions of Mario and the lone Marcus are tied at the top, with Jenny and Ultra Katie one and two games back, respectively.

I didn’t like Dark Katie so I changed her to Ultra Katie.  That’s just how much power I have.

Games Back Week 6
Dark Mario 10-5
Marcus 10-5
Mario T.Y. 9-6
Jenny 1 12-3
Ultra Katie 2 11-4
Tara 5 9-6
Nicole E. 6 11-4
Dark Lee 7 12-3
Lisa 7 10-5
Justin 8 12-3
Mario T.E. 8 9-6
Jodi Ann 9 11-4
Katie 10 9-6
Lee 10 9-6
Reagan 11 11-4
Brinkley 14 9-6
Charlotte 18 9-6
Ruby 21 8-7



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