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October 11, 2013

‘I Have Become a Goblin’–Jack Welch

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I didn’t watch Squawk Box because I will never watch as long as Joe Kernen–partisan, condescending and unprofessional–is on that show.  But guess who was guest-hosting again?


Sorry, wrong picture.


The headline on says ‘The President has become too powerful’–Jack Welch.  I read the article–again, I didn’t watch, so I’m working with the writer’s takeaways–but I don’t completely disagree with those takeaways.  According to the article, Gothmog Welch makes the argument that the President overuses executive orders and regulatory powers, and that Congress should be legislating a lot of what he is dictating.  That would be fine, except that Congress doesn’t do anything, and hasn’t since 2010.  Now Congress has taken nothing to a new level by shutting down the government–they’re going to fill the void if the President steps back?  If the President is overstepping his authority–and I’m not an expert in constitutional law–it’s because Congress is shirking its responsibility.  Extreme corporatists like Welch are fine with that, by and large, because they’d prefer fascism to democracy.  (I’m talking about actual fascism, meaning the melding of corporate and governmental power, not the talking-points ‘fascism’ politicians use interchangeably with ‘socialism’ to slander their opponents.)  The shutdown is going too far, though, even for the corporatists.  If we get a positive outcome, they’ll have a huge role to play.


Pretty scary.


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