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September 27, 2013

FSX Friday Update

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The market drifted lower this week amid partisan bickering in Washington and confusion at the Federal Reserve.  The former—which I ranted about earlier today—is a non-issue for the market, but the latter is a problem.  This is a Fed-driven market and has been since the lows in March 2009, and the taper/no-taper kerfuffle within the FOMC is unnerving traders accustomed to the steady hand of Gentle Ben Bernanke.   After preparing the market for a September taper for months, the Fed tossed out the calendar and the playbook last week.  Now, with stocks up 20% this year despite diddly-squat in terms of revenue growth, a newly data-dependent Fed is a source of volatility rather than stability.  The clowns in Congress are nothing more than a sideshow—now if only they knew that.

The Family Stock Index continued to outperform the broader market this week , extending its QTD advantage over the S&P to 193 bps with one trading day left.  The FSX made yet another new high on Tuesday, but internals deteriorated during the balance of the week (decliners swamped advancers two-to-one) and the index closed lower for the week, down 0.7% to 16,438.


  • Marcus (MCS) +3.7%.  Marcus continues to steamroll through September, finishing atop the FSX advancers list for the second straight week.  He’s just two months away from his meconium moment, and the rumors of more positive changes to come have pushed his stock to levels not seen since 2008.  I don’t comment on rumors, of course, but the MCS bulls are certainly making themselves heard.
  • Katie (CATY) +1.8%.  I’ve realized that when Team DW takes the website live—next week, mostly likely—I should not turn right around and start revising DW Book 2 immediately.  The effect would be like making a sharp turn at 70 mph, only in my head instead of in a car.  Katie, of course, is riding shotgun in this particular head/car, and investors are no doubt relieved that I’m tentatively planning a two-week delay.
  • Lee (TGI) +1.3%.  Tentatively.
  • Mario the Elder (MGEE) +1.2%.  As the market predicted last week, the Pirates did, in fact, make the playoffs for the first time since Katie was just a few years older than Jenny is now.  Think about that for a minute, everyone…now stop thinking about baseball completely and get your mind back on football where it belongs.
  • Nicole M. (COLM) +1.1%.  Mario the Younger is planning to tackle next week’s update, and presumably he’ll have some insight into Nicole’s positive move—in a down market, no less.  I don’t know anything about anything, as my son regularly points out to me.


  • Mario the Younger (MAR) -1.9%.  It’s a lot of pressure, though, writing the update.  You don’t get any feedback unless you insult someone, and some people make it really hard to refrain from flinging the insults.
  • LULU -2.1%.  Of course, by ‘people’  I mean ‘cats,’ and by ‘insults’ I mean ‘rocks.’
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -3.2%.  You know what’s really gross?  Meconium.  Even the word is gross.
  • Jenny (JNY) -6.5%.  One of the two swings on our backyard playset finally gave up the ghost this past week, leaving Jenny with just one.  If there’s anything in the world Jenny loves more than reading and listening to music while she swings, I don’t know what it is.  That playset may be the one thing standing between Jenny and unrestrained teenage angst, and now we’re down to one working swing.
Name Ticker 9/27/2013 Change
Brinkley BCO $27.86 unch
Charlotte ICE $181.28 -0.85
Dustin DST $76.09 -0.65
Ghost Marisa MOLXA $38.26 -0.17
Icarus FAST $50.01 -0.15
Jenny JNY $15.14 -1.06
Jodi Ann JOY $51.21 -1.70
Justin SCI $18.63 -0.02
Katie CATY $23.13 +0.42
Lee TGI $70.23 +0.93
Lisa LNCE $28.94 -0.24
Lucas LEI $1.26 -0.06
Lulu LULU $72.02 -1.57
Marcus MCS $14.74 +0.52
Mario T.E. MGEE $54.87 +0.64
Mario T.Y. MAR $42.35 -0.82
Namilita NL $11.07 -0.35
Nicole E. NICE $40.86 -0.05
Nicole M. COLM $60.54 +0.66
Reagan REGN $305.65 +4.85
Ruby RJET $12.57 -0.41
Wilson WILC $7.09 -0.08
Winston ED $55.15 -0.82
Zero ZAGG $4.58 +0.07
Zondro ZQK $6.96 +0.14



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