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September 24, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 3 Results

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Week 3 of the 2013 NFL season produced some big surprises: the Colts beat up the 49ers, the Panthers beat down the Giants, the Ravens throttled the Texans, and Aaron Rodgers is maybe not quite as transcendent as he thinks he is.  The only thing that is surprising about the Brinky Cup results for the week is the level of overall stinkyness on display.  The best record was 9-7, and that was shared by seven Cuppers.  As a result, there was little differentiation in the standings…at the top, anyway.  Jenny and Marcus continue to push Mario, and almost everyone is still within sight of the leaders.  Almost.

The Bizarro Brinky Cup is already shaping up to be a titanic struggle.  The usual suspects are there—Ruby and Charlotte—but this year Brinky himself is making a push for un-dominance.  His 9-7 Week 1 record was uninspiring, but he followed that up by going 7-25 over the last two weeks, a breathtakingly putrid performance that proves he means (Bizarro) business.

Games Back Week 3
Mario T.Y. 9-7
Jenny 3 9-7
Marcus 3 8-8
Dark Mario 3 7-9
Justin 5 7-9
Lisa 6 9-7
Jodi Ann 6 8-8
Dark Katie 6 8-8
Reagan 7 9-7
Katie 7 9-7
Mario T.E. 7 7-9
Tara 7 6-10
Lee 7 5-11
Dark Lee 8 9-7
Nicole E. 9 9-7
Ruby 14 4-12
Charlotte 15 7-9
Brinkley 16 4-12



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