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September 10, 2013

Brinky Cup – Week 1 Results

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The opening week of the NFL season was a strong one for most Brinky Cuppers, but the lack of a breakout performance leaves a big group bunched together at the top.  Mario the Younger and Dark Katie won the week at 12-4; the only thing about that result that should be surprising is the existence of a Dark Katie.  Could it be that Katie realized that she must dabble in the Dark Side to keep pace with her little brother?  Perhaps.  Another possibility is that she forgot she’s supposed to make week-to-week picks with me and the kids, then made her full-year picks without consulting the Brinky Cup Administrative Authority, leaving the BCAA with little choice but to create a Dark Katie entry.  Let’s go with option #1, the deliberate little-brother-beatdown.  The only other conclusion I can draw from the results of Week 1 is that the vegans are slow out of the gate due to excessive peacefulness, as Charlotte (5-11) and Nicole E. (6-10) are starting off the season at the bottom of the standings.  What that also necessary means is that Icarus regularly brings Justin (10-6) squirrels, rabbits, game birds and the like, which Justin then eats raw someplace out of sight.  If I were Nicole I’d check the closets for pelts and bones.

Week 1
Mario T.Y. 12-4
Dark Katie 12-4
Dark Mario 11-5
Jenny 11-5
Marcus 11-5
Justin 10-6
Lee 10-6
Tara 10-6
Brinkley 9-7
Katie 9-7
Lisa 9-7
Mario T.E. 9-7
Dark Lee 8-8
Jodi Ann 8-8
Reagan 8-8
Ruby 8-8
Nicole E. 6-10
Charlotte 5-11

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