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September 6, 2013

FSX Last Friday Update

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I didn’t post this last week for a number of reasons, most of which boil down to me being a ninny and losing perspective.  Well, I don’t have any more perspective now than I did last week–less, even–but Katie worked hard on it and I should have posted it before.  Well, maybe she didn’t work hard on it–I’m the one who makes this harder than it needs to be–but she did a good job, one of her best.  That it matters to Katie should be enough for me to keep going with the FSX even if no one else gives a crap one way or the other.  Now on with last week’s show.

The end of August always feels like the return to routine for the year, even during the years when we weren’t in school and didn’t have school age kids. Based on the market performance, I think we’re all ready to move out of this month. This week’s two big news items, according to me and my Daily Skimm emails:

  1. The VMAs happened. Miley was gross (why, Robin Thicke?) and NSync was cool and kind of old for the few seconds they showed up.
  2. Syria and chemical weapons. Bad news. John Kerry’s on top of it.

Lee says:

Overall: S&P -1.8%, FSX -3.8%.  This week advancers swamped decliners 24 to 1 and we gave up all of our YTD performance edge over the S&P, plus some; we now trail the broader market by 175 bps for 2013.  In just the last four weeks, the FSX has shed 1,448 points, or 7.6%; the S&P 500 dropped 4.3% over that period.  August sucks—good riddance.


  • Reagan (REGN) +1.4%. You know who capital-L Loves this time of year? Reagan. School and teachers are like the best things in her life. She thought that one of her teachers might be planning to eat her in her sleep. But guess what? Now we’re calling that teacher Aunt Paula because we found out she’s from eastern North Carolina and had definitely heard of some Eures. So all is good in Reagan’s world. (We’ll just ignore the one day she missed the bus in the morning.)


  • Mario the Elder (MGEE) -5.8%. I was having so much trouble thinking of a reason Dad could be down, and then I realized what it is. He misses Brinky. He had so much fun with his new buddy that he wants him to come back. Well, good news! We’re perfectly willing to send him for another visit. Any time.
  • Lee (TGI) -6.1%. The book editing/writing bunches more pages is really wearing on Lee. Plus he doesn’t have the girls here to help him now that they’re back in school. (Just kidding on that part – they don’t actually help much.) We have a long weekend that will hopefully allow for a little bit of much needed rest to bring him back up.
  • Brinkley (BCO) -6.2%. I’m going to pretend this was all part of my secret plan. I lost his pacifier the other night in the grocery store. So we had to use the one we call “Old Blue.” Old Blue is a little gross and was also bitten by him so it was far from a perfect pacifier. (Or “passifire” according to Jenny’s spelling.) He’s not satisfied with Old Blue. Which means we’re totally accidentally finally weaning him from the pacifier! Awesome news for us (kind of), but he definitely preferred the sleep quality with his pacifier. And we kind of did too. But in the long run it will be good to be rid of that thing.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -6.3%. Back to school time! I can’t even imagine being in my last trimester of pregnancy and on my feet a lot of the day. I guess I’m assuming that high school teachers stand a lot of the time, but that might not even be true. Anyway, standing all day towards the end of pregnancy means Jodi Ann might want to buy some more shoes for the feet that will surely swell.
  • Marcus (MCS) -6.9%. Marcus probably prefers the no school days of summer. And little feet maybe.
  • Ruby (RJET) -7.2%. I really mean it. Brinky can come visit again. Don’t be sad. And I’ll even let you get his hair cut while he’s there if you want to.
  • Katie (CATY) -7.6%. Geez, market. I’m sorry I didn’t do my Couch to 5K walk/jog this morning. I still did three days this week. And it was a long week. I’m hoping for major improvement next week.
Name Ticker 8/30/2013 Change
Brinkley BCO $25.83 -1.72
Charlotte ICE $179.75 -5.58
Dustin DST $71.37 -2.33
Ghost Marisa MOLXA $24.55 -0.55
Icarus FAST $43.99 -1.18
Jenny JNY $14.73 -0.45
Jodi Ann JOY $49.12 -3.33
Justin SCI $18.08 -0.70
Katie CATY $22.02 -1.81
Lee TGI $71.97 -4.65
Lisa LNCE $26.90 -0.27
Lucas LEI $1.23 -0.03
Lulu LULU $70.84 -0.93
Marcus MCS $12.30 -0.91
Mario T.E. MGEE $52.11 -3.23
Mario T.Y. MAR $39.99 -1.17
Namilita NL $10.93 -0.53
Nicole E. NICE $38.00 -0.30
Nicole M. COLM $56.59 -1.10
Reagan REGN $242.31 +3.46
Ruby RJET $11.17 -0.87
Wilson WILC $7.06 -0.04
Winston ED $56.23 -0.36
Zero ZAGG $4.45 -0.18
Zondro ZQK $4.95 -0.11



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  1. For the record, I was really thrown by the absence of last week’s FSX update. How else could I get an update on the whole crew, especially one that’s based as much on guesses as real intel? There is literally no other way for me to be caught up.

    Comment by Justin Eure — September 6, 2013 @ 11:15 | Reply

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