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September 5, 2013

Brinky Cup – Katie Predictions

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Wow.  I didn’t make Katie do full-year picks last year, and I now see that was a terrible mistake.  I apologize to Ruby for suggesting she has singular football-hatred issues, because my wife–one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet–evidently HATES several football teams.  Let’s review in advance:

  • Katie has four teams going 0-16: Baltimore, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Atlanta
  • She has two other teams going 1-15 (Oakland and Dallas), and the only reason they aren’t 0-16 is because Oakland beats Jacksonville in Hate Bowl I and Dallas beats Oakland in Hate Bowl II.
  • Not only are there four 0-16 teams in Katie’s 2013 season, two of them are in the same division.  How is that possible?  It isn’t–the Ravens and the Browns play each other twice, and there could be two ties, but technically, both teams can’t lose.  And yet, Katie triumphed over impossibility by picking the Bengals to win both Ravens-Browns matchups.  I admit, I was confused; after all, if you’re going to pick a team other than one of the two teams playing in the game, why not pick the Steelers?

Next year we may implement a new rule that will make my job as administrator much easier:  we will be required to pick the Steelers to win not only the 16 games they play, but the other 240 as well.

AFC East: NY Jets (13-3)

AFC North: Pittsburgh (16-0)

AFC South: Houston (12-4)

AFC West: Kansas City (15-1)

AFC Wild Cards: Miami (11-5), Denver (11-5)


NFC East: Philadelphia (12-4)

NFC North: Chicago (15-1)

NFC South: Carolina (10-6)

NFC West: Seattle (15-1)

NFC Wild Cards: San Francisco (13-3), Green Bay (10-6)


Winless teams: Baltimore, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Atlanta

One-win teams: Oakland, Dallas

Two-win teams: None



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