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August 7, 2013

Spider Dieppe

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The Dieppe Raid was an Allied assault on German-occupied France undertaken in August 1942, during which the Allies (primarily Canadians) were repulsed, suffered 60% casualties and failed to achieve any meaningful tactical or strategic objectives.  The raid was hailed for its daring and held up as proof of the commitment of the Western Allies (the U.S., the U.K., and the British Dominions) to the overthrow of Nazi power in Europe.  This is, of course, nonsense.  The Dieppe Raid was an utter failure.  Did it help morale in the U.S. and U.K.?  Perhaps.  Did we really need a botched raid to inspire us to victory?  I’m going to say no.

Why do I bring this up?  Because the Yard Dominion of the Spiders executed a Dieppe-style raid in my bedroom is why.

I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing the master bedroom and I reached the far corner this morning, where I discovered that the window in that corner was open.  The window was cracked open less than an inch, but that was enough.  The blinds were down, and spiders had webbed up the entirety of the backside of those blinds.  I caught one of them alive–a hunter, no less!–and destroyed it.  I shut the window and bleached the holy hell out of the entire area.  I can’t deny that the experience has shaken me.

I don’t know how the spiders managed to get the window open–I suspect the cat was involved–and I don’t know how long they’ve had access to the bedroom.  From the look of the webs–many had clearly been dormant for some time–I believe they’ve been there for months.  My next step will be to conduct a thorough bleaching of the entire house.

Check that–the thorough bleaching will be the second step.  First I must waterboard the cat for information.


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