Mr. Sensitive

July 19, 2013

Operation Sudsy-Bleach Is Go

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I have become dangerously sentimental.  The Great Basement War is now three years in the past and relations with the Yard Dominion of the Spiders this summer have been downright amiable, so perhaps I can be forgiven for feeling a sense of soldierly camaraderie.   I have been planning to clean the front porch for the last several weeks, as it is filthy and festooned with active and abandoned webs…yet I have delayed taking action.  Only a few days ago I found myself watching through a window pane as a spider wrapped one of those bugs that look like leaves; it was much larger than he, yet he went about his work with industry and–dare I say–aplomb.  Is this such a terrible state of affairs? I thought to myself.

This morning I have received my answer from the gods of war themselves.

After taking a break yesterday evening to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my ladies–a thoroughly enjoyable film, I thought–I returned to beating myself in the face with Round 3 of rewrites this morning.  Two hours in, I was feeling pretty good about the (relative) quality of the work, and certainly about my level of productivity.  That’s when a spider charged across the bottom of my keyboard directly at my exposed right hand.

I didn’t fall over backwards into the bookshelves behind me, but it was a very close-run thing.

This spider came from the front porch; of that, I have no doubt.  The front door is approximately fifteen feet from my desk, and my gross underestimation of the peril facing me during these past few weeks seems, in hindsight, if not criminal, than certainly contemptible.  I have a great deal of face-beating-in to accomplish today, and there is Brinky to consider.  But doubt not that this weekend I shall bring a sudsy bleach barrage against the front porch the likes of which has not been seen since…probably last October.


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