Mr. Sensitive

July 18, 2013


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Brinky decided several months ago that silverware could no longer be kept in the silverware drawer, as there was not enough room in said drawer for said silverware to be arranged in an aesthetically acceptable fashion.  Rather, the silver was to be laid on on the kitchen counters and/or stacked carefully on a stool or a chair.  I prefer my silverware to be functional, so I was forced to move all of it to a single container that could be pushed back on the counter far enough that Brinky couldn’t reach it.  It’s not ideal, but it beats listening to Brinky pitch a fit when I desecrate his art/set the table.

This morning I was beating myself in the face with Round 3 of rewrites and I decided to let Brinky have the run of the downstairs.  He was quiet for a while, so I went into the kitchen to see what he was up to.


He was working on spoons, of course.  I’d neglected to stack the chairs one upside-down on the other to prevent him from using them to get to the counter, but after all, a devoted artist always finds a way.

I wondered briefly if Katie or I had put the spoons out for some reason or other, but of course I know nothing about spoons or what to do with them.  I wouldn’t presume.  In fact, the only reason Brinky tolerates my container-o’-silverware is the fact that I make no attempt to arrange the pieces.  He’s learned to ignore his blockhead father’s insistence on using things to do things.  Art is for Brinky.

This morning’s project was painstaking work.  He had to inspect each spoon,


move it from hand to hand, turn it upside-down, and–in extreme situations–bite it.  Only then could he be certain of its final placement.


Then it was snack time, so Brinky decided to knock all the spoons off the table lest I should get it in my head to help him with his art while he enjoyed Dora and an apple.  He’s not big on collaboration.  He is big on apples and Dora.



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  1. This might be your best post ever.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — July 18, 2013 @ 10:41 | Reply

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