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April 27, 2013

FSX Friday Update

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So I just couldn’t get into the update this week and Katie graciously stepped up to write it.  It takes her about 20 minutes to do the whole thing as opposed to the three or more hours I take.  I have issues.

The market overall this week? Well, I checked CNBC for a wrap-up of the week, and it said this:


(Ignore all those Sporcle tabs. Unless you want to challenge us on some Sporcle quizzes, which we would love. Because we would win.)

So the stocks were mixed. Boring. Amazon tumbled. Apparently because of slowing international business. Whatever. I still love Amazon.

JC Penney surged. I mean JCP. Also whatever. I assume that’s because they got rid of that sucky Apple guy who was trying to turn JC Penney into an Apple store. I wasn’t really a fan of JC Penney before he was there, and I probably won’t be a fan after.

So that’s the market. Exciting, right? On to the FSX.


  • S&P 500 +1.7%
  • FSX +2.9% (new all-time high Thursday) – Go us! Yay for proud members of the FSX!


  • Zondro (ZQK) +11.2%. – Um, the market thinks good things are coming for Zero when he turns 30 in a couple weeks, I guess. Sure.  (Mr. Sensitive: Katie read this as Zero instead of Zondro because she’s been falling asleep on the couch all afternoon.  Ask Jenny if you want to know the truth because Katie lies about her Machi drowsiness.) (Katie: I’m back to say “Whatever, rudeface.” I read it wrong because of some other reason. I only almost fell asleep once this afternoon and I hardly ever do that anymore. I accidentally read it as Zero, okay? And then I said, “Well, Zondro relatively recently celebrated a birthday, and he’s getting close to 30 in dog years. So there.)
  • LULU +8.4%. – Fat cat Lulu. She’s been sleeping with Brinky sometimes at night, which is so much less annoying than her creeping creeping up on us in bed. Yes, I meant to say creeping twice. Because she creeps and creeps and then creeps some more until she’s pretty much on top of my face.
  • Namilita (NL) +6.8%. – I just don’t know anything about the Charlotte and Zero cats. Maybe they’re not creepers.
  • Jenny (JNY) +6.0%. – Jenny is actually starting out with good grades this quarter. I don’t mean to sound surprised, but the previous two quarters didn’t start so well, so it’s pretty awesome. She likes the substitute she has for the rest of the year – she actually told me she looks forward to math class every day, and we definitely weren’t hearing that before. I mean, really she’s up because she started watching Dawson’s Creek.
  • Brinkley (BCO) +5.5%. – When Lee asked me earlier in the week what would be causing Brinkley to be up, I sent him the following email as explanation: My beloved baby boy is up because he’s had some bonus time with me this week while we share allergy misery with each other in the middle of the night.   Also, he is a smart boy and is getting closer and closer to talking. He has started saying “MOM MOM MOM MOM” in a voice that can only be called Gremlin.   And just today he’s also started saying Dada again, in not quite as Gremlin-y a voice, so maybe he’s for real ready to talk.
  • Justin (SCI) +5.4%. – Uncle Science will be here next week for a visit, so of course he’s up.
  • Marcus (MCS) +5.2%. – And Uncle Teacher won’t be here next week, but he will be celebrating a birthday. I get the feeling Jodi Ann does a good job with birthdays, so I’m going to go ahead and say it’s going to be a great day for him. We will hopefully remember to at least call.
  • Lee (TGI) +5.0%. – Toogie’s up because I’m going to finish reading his book in the next 3 days and it’s cool stuff. And because Brinky’s kinda sorta calling him Dada.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) +4.4%. – Because she had her own birthday this week, and hopefully it was awesome. Reagan thinks Jodi Ann would like to know that she’s decided to start speaking Italian because, you know, Jodi Ann’s Italian.


  • Lisa (LNCE) -0.2%. – It’s been a rough week in Blacksburg, clearly. And it’s true. Lucas’s first hospital stay (I think it’s his first as far as I remember) has been rough on the whole family, I’m sure.
  • Nicole E. (NICE) -0.6%. Poor Nicole won’t be visiting us next weekend (I don’t think).
  • Lucas (LEI) -0.8%. – I swear you won’t miss your appendix, Lucas. I’m doing okay without mine. At least I think I am. I hope you’ve had a sandwich by now.
  • Dustin (DST) -1.3%. Who knew Lucas’s hospital stay and surgery were hardest on Dustin? The market knew.

P.S. For real, challenge us on Sporcle. We would love it. Our username is euresrule. Because, you know, we rule.

P.P.S. My Microsoft Office doesn’t recognize Brinky as a word. It should. So I’ll be adding it to my dictionary. We all should.

Name Ticker 4/26/2013 Change
Brinkley BCO $26.46 +1.39
Charlotte ICE $159.51 +5.13
Dustin DST $68.53 -0.88
Ghost Marisa MOLXA $22.84 +0.12
Icarus FAST $49.47 +1.33
Jenny JNY $14.07 +0.80
Jodi Ann JOY $56.60 +2.39
Justin SCI $16.46 +0.84
Katie CATY $19.45 +0.54
Lee TGI $79.80 +3.81
Lisa LNCE $24.76 -0.05
Lucas LEI $1.27 -0.01
Lulu LULU $74.14 +5.76
Marcus MCS $12.70 +0.63
Mario T.E. MGEE $55.34 +0.52
Mario T.Y. MAR $41.57 +0.23
Namilita NL $11.19 +0.71
Nicole E. NICE $34.23 -0.20
Nicole M. COLM $58.92 +0.42
Reagan REGN $216.60 +4.02
Ruby RJET $11.38 +0.36
Wilson WILC $6.87 +0.08
Winston ED $62.84 +0.36
Zero ZAGG $6.83 +0.23
Zondro ZQK $6.47 +0.65

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