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February 1, 2013

Brinky Bowl Update – Pooper Bowl

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Ugh, this game.  If Ray Lewis finds the Spear of Destiny before kickoff and uses it to vanquish Captain Comeback, the Ravens will win.  Otherwise, who knows?  I’m planning to watch the game muted except for the commercials, and I’m not watching the halftime show at all.  Destiny’s Child?  Meh.  Show me the fake baby and I’ll watch.

The conference championship games two weeks ago shook up the Brinky Bowl standings.  Tara picked both games correctly; Nicole, Jenny and Katie were each 1-1; and Mario, Justin and I whiffed on both.  Each game was worth 7 points, leaving the standings as follows:

#1 – Nicole (29 points)

#2 – Tara (28)

#3 – Jenny (24)

#4 – Lee (23)

#5 – Mario (22)

#6 – Justin (18)

#7 – Katie (16)

The Superbowl is worth 10 points, so everyone’s still in it except for Katie and Justin.  Bowlers need to pick 49ers or Ravens and send the pick to me or Katie by kickoff on Sunday.

Ugh, this game.


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