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January 18, 2013

FSX Friday Update

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Stocks rose to multi-year highs this week, the second straight week of solid gains in the 0.5%-1% range.  The S&P 500 has added 4.2% in the first 2 ½ weeks of 2013, a feat that is all the more impressive considering the slide in shares of its largest component, once-invincible Apple.  Over the past six weeks the S&P 500 has advanced 5% while AAPL has plunged 17%.  All told, Apple is now down 40% from the all-time high it reached in September, and the fundamentals are beginning to reinforce the dismal technicals.  Maybe Tim Cook knows how to run a big company, and maybe he doesn’t, but it’s becoming clear that he’s not 1/10th the inspirational leader his predecessor was.  Either he has no vision for the future of Apple or he’s unable to communicate his vision, and his shareholders are being punished for it.  AAPL bulls never argued Tim Cook was the second coming of Steve Jobs, but neither did they think he’d be the second coming of Steve Ballmer.

That’s not a good thing to be, in case it wasn’t clear.

The Family Stock Index doesn’t include Apple, and that helped us to outperform the major averages again this week; Friday’s closing level of 14,464 was the fourth record close in the last five days and leaves us up a whopping 7.6% in the first of half of January alone.  Even more incredibly, this bull run is taking place while Reagan and Lulu—two of last year’s top four performers—struggle mightily.  Yes, we’re overdue for a pullback, but we’re now so overdue that we could rally on for a while.


  • Nicole E. (NICE) +10%.  Justin supposedly spent his recent birthday rock-climbing with physicists; Reagan, assuming that Nicole wanted nothing to do with rock-climbing or physicists, speculated that she would be happy to have Justin out of the house.  Why?  So she could play Just Dance on the Wii, by herself, for hours.  (Reagan had a tough week in the market; I’m humoring her.)
  • Zondro (ZQK) +10%.  The next phase of Operation Hound-Howl was rain every day for a week.  If this level of inside-dogness holds, I’m liable to move into the doghouse myself.
  • Jenny (JNY) +8.2%.  The market is excited about Jenny being forced to read The Hobbit and doesn’t seem to care that Jenny not excited; we’re very alike that way, the market and I.
  • Icarus (FAST) +4.5%.  Did Icarus go rock climbing with Justin or did he go to Nicole’s dance party?  Maybe he just found some cat poop to eat and enjoyed himself without either master on his mind.  That’s certainly what I’d do, minus the cat poop.
  • Ruby (RJET) +3.7%.  Ruby needed a strong week to hold off Zondro, and she delivered.  If there’s anything Ruby knows how to handle, it’s dogs.
  • Lee (TGI) +3.6%.  Plan XIII is proceeding apace, and I’m considering using this weekend to push ahead of schedule.  I’m liking my new ticker, too; it just chugs along with no fireworks and no drama.  I’m up 7.2% this month and that seems excessive; but when I consider that Zondro’s up 44%, I have to admit that my relative valuation still isn’t that challenging.
  • Charlotte (ICE) +3.1%.  Did Charlotte get her wisdom teeth out yet?  Good for her if she did.  Wisdom’s overrated, and teeth are really, really overrated.
  • Lisa (LNCE) +3.0%.  Katie says Lisa’s been watching all the Best Picture nominees this week, something she evidently makes a practice of prior to the Oscars.  Maybe I should try something like that myself.  First, I’ll need Lisa to tell me which of the Best Picture nominees has the most scintillating opening—let’s say three to four minutes.  That’s about how much of a movie Brinkley would let me watch on the big TV before he shoved it over in a rage.
  • Justin (SCI) +2.6%.  Rock-climbing with physicists, Justin?  Really?  Let me know if you ever track down your biological parents.


Nicole M. (COLM) -5.6%.  If Mario adds a Brinky Bowl defeat to this season’s football misfortunes, it could be a dark February in Philadelphia.  Plus, you know Ed Winston is all riled up about his Republicans maybe caving on the debt ceiling.

LULU -5.7%.  Operation Hound-Howl is harder on Lulu than it is on me, and that’s saying something.  She’s angry at me because I let the dogs in, angry because I won’t do something about how cold it is outside, and angry because I won’t sleep on the couch so she can have my spot in the bed.  Investors priced in perfection, and Lulu will be the first to tell you it isn’t happening.

Reagan (REGN) -6.4%.  Did I mention priced-to-perfection?  Reagan finished 2nd in the school-wide spelling bee, narrowly losing to a fifth grader under dubious procedural circumstances.  It was a terrific performance; alas, terrific wasn’t enough for REGN bulls to justify paying 87 times trailing earnings.  What really matters is that Reagan appreciates that she did an exceptional job and is justifiably proud of herself, and I’m at least cautiously optimistic that it may, for once, be the case.


Name Ticker 1/18/2013 Change
Brinkley BCO $30.25 +0.09
Charlotte ICE $133.33 +3.97
Dustin DST $63.52 +0.09
Ghost Marisa MOLXA $23.44 -0.19
Icarus FAST $48.60 +2.10
Jenny JNY $11.69 +0.89
Jodi Ann JOY $69.01 +0.88
Justin SCI $14.83 +0.37
Katie CATY $19.59 +0.35
Lee TGI $69.93 +2.45
Lisa LNCE $25.65 +0.75
Lucas LEI $1.56 -0.03
Lulu LULU $66.80 -4.04
Marcus MCS $13.10 -0.09
Mario T.E. MGEE $51.73 -0.20
Mario T.Y. MAR $39.27 +0.39
Namilita NL $12.73 +0.21
Nicole E. NICE $38.11 +3.45
Nicole M. COLM $50.04 -2.95
Reagan REGN $167.97 -11.49
Ruby RJET $8.37 +0.30
Wilson WILC $5.47 -0.02
Winston ED $55.78 -0.13
Zero ZAGG $7.62 -0.06
Zondro ZQK $6.13 +0.55


  1. I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted on Wednesday! I’m nervous but also so excited to get these goblins out of my mouth.

    Comment by Sis — January 19, 2013 @ 20:09 | Reply

  2. I love what I should have been doing on Justin’s birthday. I wish I had done that, but instead my arms and shoulders hurt like hell for the next two days from the rock climbing.

    Comment by nicole — January 29, 2013 @ 15:38 | Reply

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