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January 17, 2013

Brinky Bowl Update #2

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Results for the Divisional Round:

  • 4-0:  Nobody
  • 3-1:  Lee
  • 2-2:  Justin, Mario, Nicole, Tara
  • 1-3:  Jenny, Katie
  • 0-4:  Nobody

Nobody’s running away from the pack, at least through two rounds.  How did I win three games?  I picked the Ravens is how.  It’s true that I don’t care for the Ravens, and Joe Flacco has a terrible name and looks like a bird, and the thought of a Har-bowl is horrifying.  Also I think it’s curious that it was such a big deal for that Pistorius dude to be running on blade-legs in the Olympics this summer, but now Ray Lewis has a robot arm and nobody says shit about it.


Probably it’s because everyone’s scared of Ray Lewis; I certainly am, and the robot arm doesn’t diminish the menace.  I didn’t pick the Ravens because I was afraid, though–I picked them because I was disgusted.  Everyone in the world–and in the Brinky Bowl–picked the Broncos, and I hate that crap.  This game was never a lock for Denver; the Broncos played a weak schedule–the AFC West was god-awful–and Peyton Manning is strangely mediocre in the playoffs (his brother is the opposite: ho-hum regular season QB, playoff savant).  Of course I thought the Broncos would win, and I would have picked them if just one other Bowler had picked the Ravens.  So thanks go out to everyone for my Divisional Round lead.

And I am in the lead, though not by much:

#1 – Lee (23 points, 5-3)

#2(tie) – Mario & Nicole E. (22 points, 5-3)

#3 – Justin (18 points, 4-4)

#4 – Jenny (17 points, 4-4)

#5 – Tara (14 points, 3-5)

#6 – Katie (9 points, 2-6)

As a reminder, 1st round games were worth 4 points and 2nd round games were worth 5, so that’s why identical records can result in different point totals.  If you don’t like it, stop picking chalk (and Peyton in the playoffs).

I thought about picking the Falcons for the same reason I ultimately picked the Ravens, because the conventional wisdom was that the Seahawks were a lock and I hate conventional wisdom.  Alas, Justin and Nicole both picked Atlanta so I allowed myself to chicken out.  I was starting to really dislike the Seahawks, too; too bad they’re gone and I don’t have their slimy coach and roided-up cornerbacks to hate anymore.

Katie did a remarkable thing with her picks that I want to highlight: she picked the first game of the playoffs correctly (Texans over Bengals), she picked the last game correctly (Patriots over Texans), and she missed all six games in between.  So the lesson is that Katie knows whether the Texans will win or lose, but not much else.  It doesn’t bode well for her that the Texans aren’t on the docket this week.

Just two games this week, each worth 7 points.

  • Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
  • San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons

You can send your picks to Katie or leave a comment on this post; when you invariably do neither, Katie will collect your picks forcibly later in the week.




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