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December 31, 2012

Brinky Cup Regular Season Results and Playoff Seeds

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Brinky Cup

Tara is the 2012 Brinky Cup champion.  Another stellar week (11-5) gave her a decisive, nine-game victory over 2nd place Dark Mario.  Tara took the lead after a 13-0 performance in Week 7 and never looked back; over the course of the 17-week season she posted a sub-.500 week just once.  It was an astounding display of football acumen, all the more impressive because Tara had no opportunity to adjust her picks to account for the vagaries of the long, brutal season.  The first preseason picker to win the Brinky Cup; the first female to win the Brinky Cup; the first unblemished week in Cup history—truly a season for the ages.  I could send Tara the Brinky Cup itself, but that would be a kind of a pain, so I won’t.  She can hold the Cup in her heart, and know that she’ll be the one the rest of us will be gunning for in 2013.

Bizarro Brinky Cup

Ruby and her sidekick dug deep in the final week of the season, posting a league-worst 6-10 record in a bid to break the Bizarro tie…and Charlotte matched them, fail for fail.  With the pressure on and a Bizarro legend staring her down, my sister sunk to the challenge.  The crawl for the Bizarro Brinky Cup thus ends in a three-way tie: Charlotte, Ruby and Mario the Elder each take a share of anti-glory.

Brinky Bowl Playoffs

I warned Reagan not to pick the Dolphins over the Patriots, but she stuck to her guns.  ‘I like dolphins,’ she said.  If not for that ill-fated allegiance, the two-way tie for the sixth and final playoff spot would have been a three-way tie.  As it is, Reagan finished two games back of Jenny and…Katie?  Yes, indeed.  The same lovely lady I ridiculed for making a run at the Bizarro pack roared into the playoffs by posting a Week 17 record of…16-0?  The best single-week record in Brinky Cup history (sorry, Tara—guess you can’t have everything) was engineered by someone who’d had double-digit wins just once in the past three months?  It’s hard to believe, I know, and there are those who might think I rigged the spreadsheet in Katie’s favor, none of whom, presumably, have been married for as long as I have.  After thirteen years of marriage (eighteen years since I made that first, fateful pilgrimage to Arrow Lane), an assisted 16-0 week would get me diddly-poo in the way of brownie points.  I’d have to give Katie the Brinky Cup itself to help myself on the Brownie ledger, and even I wouldn’t do something that brazen…would I?

As for the playoffs themselves, there are four games this coming weekend, and I’d like to get picks for each of the seven Brinky Bowlers by Friday if possible.  The first game is Saturday at 4:30, so picks have to be in no later than that.  In case you don’t know if you made the playoffs or not, here’s the list with seeds:

  • #1 – Tara
  • #2 – Dark Mario
  • #3 – Justin
  • #4 – Dark Lee
  • #5 – Nicole E.
  • #6(tie) – Jenny
  • #6(tie) – Katie

Do the seeds matter?  Probably not, unless I decide later that they do.

The four games next week are as follows (team record in parenthesis):

  • Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) @ Houston Texans (12-4)
  • Minnesota Vikings (10-6) @ Green Bay Packers (11-5)
  • Indianapolis Colts (11-5) @ Baltimore Ravens (10-6)
  • Seattle Seahawks (11-5) @ Washington Redskins (10-6)

You can comment on this post with your picks or give them to Katie.  Good luck to all.

Games Back Week 17
Tara 11-5
Dark Mario 9 9-7
Justin 11 11-5
Dark Lee 16 12-4
Lee 24 10-6
Mario T.Y. 25 12-4
Nicole E. 26 9-7
Jenny 31 10-6
Katie 31 16-0
Nicole M. 32 9-7
Reagan 33 8-8
Brinkley 38 10-6
Marcus 41 7-9
Jodi Ann 41 8-8
Mario T.E. 45 6-10
Ruby 45 6-10
Charlotte 45 6-10


  1. I win.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — December 31, 2012 @ 15:39 | Reply

  2. Yay me!!!

    Comment by Tara — December 31, 2012 @ 20:34 | Reply

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