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December 11, 2012

Brinky Cup – Week 14

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It’s official: the Brinky Cup is a two-horse race.  After an 8-8 week, Justin is now 13 games behind #1 Tara and ten back of #2 Mario; time to start thinking about the playoffs, Justy.  As for the two horses, Mario cut another game off Tara’s lead, which now stands at three games with three weeks to play.  Mario is in peak late-season form, posting a 12-4 in Week 15, but Tara’s 11-5 proves she’s not fading at the finish.  The competition for the last spot in the playoff field is even tighter than the Cup race; Jenny and Reagan are now tied at -27, with Jodi Ann and Nicole M. lurking at -28 and Marcus still very much alive at -29.  The top five playoff spots look secure: Tara, Mario and Justin are locks; Lee and Nicole E. would need epic collapses in the final three weeks to fall out.  And then there’s the Bizarro Brinky Cup.  Charlotte’s nine-game Week 11 lead is down to just two games; it’s time to panic.  When last place is at stake, Ruby is the one person you don’t want to see in your Bizarro rear-view mirror.

Games Back Week 14
Tara 11-5
Dark Mario 3 12-4
Justin 13 8-8
Lee 16 12-4
Dark Lee 17 8-8
Nicole E. 18 10-6
Mario T.Y. 21 11-5
Jenny 27 10-6
Reagan 27 6-10
Jodi Ann 28 8-8
Nicole M. 28 7-9
Marcus 29 7-9
Katie 31 8-8
Brinkley 32 7-9
Mario T.E. 36 5-11
Ruby 36 5-11
Charlotte 38 7-9

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