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December 4, 2012

Brinky Cup – Week 13

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Gut check time for Tara; Dark Mario finally remembered to release the parking brake this week, posting a 12-4 recording and pulling to within four games of the lead.  Justin’s not officially out of contention, but he needs a big Week 14 to keep this from becoming a two-horse race.  At 14 back, and with my requirement that my dark half pick no less than 1/2 of the games differently than preseason Lee, I certainly don’t have a shot.  The Brinky Bowl playoff picture continues to solidify, with the exception of the sixth position; Nicole M. moved to within 2 games of Reagan for that final spot.  Reagan has the advantage of picking week-to-week, and thus being able to take injuries and momentum into account–not that she will.  Instead, she’ll continue to make her picks based on team mascot.  In Bizarro Brinky World, Charlotte is now in major choke-mode, winning games she needs to lose.  She now trails Ruby and Mario the Elder by just four games.  Interesting that Ruby and Mario have the same record this week, much as they did last week and the week before; I wonder how that happened.

Games Back Week 13
Tara 9-7
Dark Mario 4 12-4
Justin 10 9-7
Dark Lee 14 8-8
Lee 17 12-4
Nicole E. 17 6-10
Mario T.Y. 21 8-8
Reagan 22 7-9
Nicole M. 24 8-8
Jodi Ann 25 7-9
Marcus 25 7-9
Jenny 26 8-8
Katie 28 8-8
Brinkley 28 5-11
Mario T.E. 30 6-10
Ruby 30 6-10
Charlotte 34 8-8

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