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November 9, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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The market’s not happy.  It’s facing musk ox-grade gridlock in Washington.

Both sides believe they have an electoral mandate: the President and the Senate Democrats claim a mandate for increased regulation and taxation of corporations and the wealthy; the House Republicans claim a mandate to never raise taxes on anyone.  Leaving aside the fact that the legislative reality is that Republicans are asking for a tax cut for the wealthy rather than the Democrats asking for a tax increase, the opposing-mandates situation isn’t liable to get resolved except by head-butts at high speed.

The market is afraid both musk oxen will plunge over the fiscal cliff and drag the rest of us with them.  To which I say, provisionally…okay.  Tax rates rise back to Clinton-era levels?  Okay.  Mandatory spending cuts are imposed, most notably on the bloated defense budget?  Okay.  Is that the ideal solution?  No.  But take a look at—and listen to—Harry Reid and John Boehner, and tell me you believe they’re capable of coming up with anything better.

The Family Stock Index mightily outperformed the broader market this week—I can’t remember the last time I said something like that.  At a closing level of 12,556, the FSX fell 1.3% on the week, but that compares favorably to the 2.5% declines suffered by the other major indices.  Admittedly, internals were terrible; advancers trailed decliners 7 to 18.  And of course, we’re sitting nearly 1,000 points below our October highs.  But…um…it could be worse?


  • Ruby (RJET) +12.4%.  With a 10% pop, RJET called the election for Obama early Tuesday morning, then built on that gain to lead the FSX (prior to Zero’s Friday zag, at least).  Katie explained it to me last night: something about how Ruby has a Chevy Volt now, which is an Obamacar, only squirrels can’t hear the car coming, which has the result you would expect, which is okay, because squirrels are Republicans.  I may have added the last part, but otherwise that’s what I heard, verbatim.
  • Zero (ZIP) +7.7%.  Through Thursday this was shaping up to be an exemplary week for Zero: down 7%, extending fourth quarter and year-to-date losses to 22% and 55%, respectively.  But just when I think I’ve got him figured out, he beats on earnings and revenue and jumps as much as 28% Friday.  I should know better; Zero’s the sort of fellow who zags when the world screams zig.  In fact, maybe I should swap him into ZAGG for 2013.
  • Zondro (ZQK +8.2%) and Wilson (WILC +4.0%).  The dogs must have come to terms with the ghost of Marisa, and we will now be able to avoid any unfortunate poltergeist activity.  Wilson rallied less than Zondro because he’s a known oath-breaker.
  • Brinkley (BCO) +1.9%.  We put up blackout curtains in his room.  It’s too soon to say whether nap equilibrium has been permanently restored, but so far, so good.


  • Ed Winston (ED) -5.8%.  I hadn’t given it much thought before, but Katie and I both agree now that Ed has a Republican look about him.  There’s no need to tell him and add insult to injury, but I think Winston might fall into the 47 percent; I haven’t known him to take much personal responsibility for his life, or for his poop.
  • Lisa (LNCE) -6.4%.  It’s real cold now here in North Carolina, so I doubt it’s balmy up in Blacksburg.  I don’t believe winter was on the ballot in Virginia, but if it was, I’m fairly certain I know which way Lisa would vote.
  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -10%.  JOY goes as the coal industry goes, and the coal industry went all-in for Romney.  Whoops.  It may be time to think about a new stock for Jodi Ann in 2013.
  • Lucas (LEI) -11.4%.  There’s part of me that thinks Lucas should get a new stock next year as well, but I also believe that he needs to ride this out.  There’s a lot of intrinsic value here; the problem is management.  Management has to get its act together; if that doesn’t happen next year, it’ll be time to look for a buyer.  Either way, 2013 should look better than 2012 for LEI.


Name Ticker 11/9/2012 Change
Ruby RJET $5.00 +0.55
Zondro ZQK $3.68 +0.28
Zero ZIP $7.00 +0.50
Wilson WILC $4.37 +0.17
Brinkley BCO $26.71 +0.51
Marcus MCS $11.15 +0.15
Charlotte ICE $130.30 +0.47
Lee MSTR $95.62 -0.85
Ghost Marisa MOLX $25.75 -0.30
Dustin DST $55.98 -0.77
Mario T.Y. WMAR $10.12 -0.19
Reagan REGN $140.74 -2.76
Justin SCI $13.67 -0.28
Jenny JNY $11.47 -0.27
Nicole E. NICE $32.69 -0.77
Nicole M. COLM $54.39 -1.68
Katie CATY $17.00 -0.54
Lulu LULU $67.73 -2.26
Mario T.E. MGEE $49.68 -1.67
Icarus FAST $42.31 -1.49
Namilita NL $10.14 -0.38
Winston ED $55.74 -3.46
Lisa LNCE $23.38 -1.61
Jodi Ann JOY $57.56 -6.43
Lucas LEI $1.55 -0.20

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