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November 7, 2012

Operation Simba – The Tide Has Turned

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And I’m a lousy swimmer.

I underestimated the importance of the crib.  I don’t say that lightly, either, because I held the crib in high esteem as it was.  I loved it, in my way, but it’s dead to me now.  As of last week Brinky can climb out of it at will, rendering it instantly but eternally obsolete.  To expect anything of it now would be tantamount to sending infantry across an open field against multilayer concrete trenches pocked with machine gun nests.  On my worst day I know better than that–who do you think I am, Douglas Haig?

Nevertheless, something must be done.  Brinkley needs his midday nap, and only slightly less than I need him to take it.  He’s made it clear that he won’t hold still if he has any other option, and he can keep himself awake almost indefinitely when he wants to–there no Machi in him in that regard.  When he’s tired, and there’s nothing to do but sleep, he goes to sleep like a sweet baby boy.  But if there’s something else to do, no matter how tired he is, he means to do it.  He gets up, or down, or out, before he gives himself even a moment to consider whether he might enjoy a nap–there’s work to be done.  What is so important that it compels him to stay awake?  Opening and closing cabinets, running back and forth, climbing, jumping, growling; the list is endless.  Really, there’s only about four or five more things he knows how to do, but the more I list the more hopeless it all seems.

Yesterday Brinky passed out around noon with Jenny rocking him; faithful Jenny, who deserves promotion to Field Marshal for the last two days alone.  Now Jenny is back in school, and I’m facing him without hope of reinforcement.  Right now, he’s running back and forth in his room, opening and closing the doors on his dresser, and howling.  This cannot be borne.  I can’t write, I can’t exercise, I can’t clean the master bedroom how I need to; this is what the Austrians felt like at Vittorio Veneto.

The problem arose because of the failure of field works to hinder the enemy’s advance.  I see now that I can’t withstand him if he can advance unimpeded, not without suffering losses such as would render victory meaningless.  There’s no way I’m cleaning the bedroom after I’ve slugged it out with Number One for three hours.  Field works are the problem; field works will be key to any workable solution.

Brinky must be contained.  It’s up to me to devise a comfortable trap.



  1. I had another thought when I was just thinking of this. I wonder if we could get him into a blankie or stuffed animal for nap time? Maybe he would associate it with nap time and relaxing. I think that helped Jenny when she was little and she was almost as energetic as he is. And maybe putting up the blackout curtains in his room so it’s not so light – he’s accepting the sleep better at night when it’s dark outside. I’ll keep thinking about other ideas too.

    Comment by Katie Eure (@euregirlsandboy) — November 7, 2012 @ 12:30 | Reply

    • I just got him to sleep (1:40). I had to lie on his bed with him for half and hour; no matter how tired he was, he went nuts if I left the room. The day is his.

      Comment by lbej — November 7, 2012 @ 13:50 | Reply

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