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September 14, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Time for another guest posting week! Aren’t you excited? (If it’s not clear from that intro, this is Katie.)

Lee’s done lots of talking about the market and politics this week, and he’s the best at that. I know the new iPhone was released this week, which was a big deal, but not to us because we don’t care about iPhones. Though I can report that Apple did a great job of very quickly replacing Reagan’s still under warranty iPod Touch this week when it stopped working. Seriously, I took it to the UPS store at almost 5:00 on Wednesday, they emailed yesterday to say they were sending a replacement, and the new one arrived today. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Now I sound like an Apple fan.

(Side note: if you’re wondering why Lee’s not writing this update, it’s because he’s been drafted to listen to Jenny explain Vampire Diaries, her newest obsession.)

So on to the people:

The Ups:

  • Lucas +11.9% – I’m not sure what would cause this big increase for Lucas. One of my main sources for update information is Facebook, and I don’t think it seems like Lucas has posted any on Facebook since he excitedly joined on his birthday. I’m hoping this increase means middle school’s about to get awesome for him.
  • Jodi Ann +8.8% – Jodi Ann’s first year teaching as Mrs. Eure must be going well. I’d guess her name will be mispronounced now more often than it used to be, based on personal experience.
  • Mario +6.8% – It’s just a great time of year for Mario – Steelers football, college football, and new TV shows. What else could he want?
  • Dustin +4.2% – Dustin and Lucas are both up, but Lisa? Not so much. Has Lucas taken up golf with Dustin?
  • Katie +4.1% – I believe I’m through the worst of my allergies for the year. I’ve had my super-attack this week, and I think I’m on the other side of it now. So I think I’m up because I’m past it. Of course, I never even should have typed any of that and jinxed myself.
  • Jenny +3.2% – Two exciting things in Jenny’s world this week: she’s started a new show (and watched too much of it already – Vampire Diaries) and she’s getting all A’s so far in middle school.
  • Justin +2.9% – A planned trip to North Carolina always does wonders for one’s stock. Keep that in mind, everyone else.

The Downs:

  • Reagan -1.9% – I can think of a couple reasons why Reagan had a little dip this week. One was that she missed her first day of school for this year. It was intentional because she had an opportunity to go to Dollywood with a neighbor, and she had a great time, but I know it also bothered her to miss a day of learning (her words). The second reason for her decline? No matter what we do or say, positive or negative reinforcement, Reagan can’t manage to do the basic chores she’s asked to do. Or even things that aren’t really chores like turn off their darn TV. Or bring down clothes. Or don’t take food into your room, but if we’re stupid and let you because it’s easier, don’t leave a bowl of ice cream in there to melt and get gross.
  • Lisa -1.9% – Sometimes Lisa’s stock changes with the weather. We’ve started to feel a chill in the air here, so I’m sure it’s chillier in the mountains. The end of summer is hard.
  • Nicole E. -4.0% – If you’re wondering, Lee’s note for what he was going to say about Nicole just says, “Too skinny.” So I guess you need to do some eating, Nicole. There’ll be some fair food here that could help with that if you come with Justin, but I suspect fried butter may not be part of the vegan diet.
  • Marcus -7.7% – Oh, the school year. Why must it start every year? I recommend some video game time or even a Google hangout with Jenny to improve your outlook.

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday, FSX fans (or members, who probably make up all the fans)!

Name Ticker 9/14/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $24.81 +0.12
Charlotte ICE $140.09 +2.96
Dustin DST $55.30 +2.23
Icarus ICS $16.23 unch
Jenny JNY $13.77 +0.43
Jodi Ann JOY $61.60 +4.97
Justin SCI $13.99 +0.40
Katie CATY $18.14 +0.71
Lee MSTR $133.05 +3.16
Lisa LNCE $25.02 -0.49
Lucas LEI $1.88 +0.20
Lulu LULU $77.99 +0.85
Marcus MCS $12.09 -1.01
Mario T.E. MGEE $52.72 +1.43
Mario T.Y. WMAR $11.12 +0.71
Marisa MOLX $27.95 +0.60
Namilita NL $11.63 -0.14
Nicole E. NICE $30.59 -1.28
Nicole M. COLM $53.01 +0.79
Reagan REGN $149.68 -2.87
Ruby RJET $4.87 +0.10
Wilson WILC $4.05 +0.04
Winston ED $59.81 -0.82
Zero ZIP $7.95 +0.20
Zondro ZQK $3.47 -0.10

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  1. I think too skinny was meant for Marcus and the video game comment was meant for me. But I’ll do you one better and eat a sandwich while playing Just Dance 3.

    Comment by nicole — September 15, 2012 @ 15:51 | Reply

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