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August 13, 2012

How Will You Do It, Values Voters?

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How will you vote Republican this year, Evangelical Protestants?  The Republican ticket is a Mormon and a militant atheist.  Even those of you who still believe Obama is a secret Muslim (all of you) have to be struggling right now.  If you don’t know about Mormonism, Evangelical Protestants, I suggest you give it a quick look-see.  Looks like they added a bunch of stuff to the Holy Bible, doesn’t it?  Kinda kooky.  And as for Ayn Rand’s pool boy, I know he told you he’s not an atheist.  He loves Ayn Rand, her philosophy is the reason he lives and breathes, but he swears he’s not an atheist.  Well, he’s lying.  I studied Ayn Rand at the feet of the great John Allison, and I can tell you beyond any doubt–Paul Ryan is an atheist.  Not only is he an atheist, he despises religion.  If there’s any group Ayn Rand abominates more than poor people, it’s religious people.  Read John Galt’s speech at the end of Atlas Shrugged if you don’t believe me.

Good luck, Republican ‘values’ voters.  This year’s mental gymnastics are going to be challenging.


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