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August 3, 2012

FSX Friday Update

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Down, down, and more down in the stock market this week…until the Friday employment report showed a pickup in hiring, however anemic.  The report was still weak, though, so today’s pop looks more like a technical rally bringing us back to trend.  After all, we didn’t have a good reason for the early-week sell-off, so why would we need a good reason to rally?  Positive numbers aren’t good for our pal Mitt, though, and he’s proving to be such a clumsy campaigner that he needs really bad numbers to make his argument for him.  His argument being cut taxes for rich people, raise taxes on everyone else, and cut taxes on rich people some more.  I don’t know what numbers make that argument, but Mitt better find them, and quick.

You know what else?  Mitt is a stupid name.  It’s not a name—it’s a piece of baseball equipment.  I’m going to start calling him Matt.  Matt Romney.  I feel better already.

The Family Stock Index struggled mightily this week, with the Team Charlotte in-laws weighing heavily.  A 150-point rally on Friday lifted the FSX off the bottom of its recent range after we tested six-month lows during Thursday’s intraday trade.  That 150-point rally would have been closer to 350 if not for Zero going Zero on ZIP; instead, we closed Friday at 12,275, down 2.1% for the week.  The broader market is threatening to break out to the upside; here in FSX Land, we’re still waiting.  There’s a wedding next week—I know, it’s hard to believe—and school starts up again later this month, but that doesn’t seem like enough, does it?  Do we need a quest?  Maybe we need a quest.  A quest, or a really good night’s sleep.


  • Lucas (LEI) +20%.  It felt like the halcyon days of 2010 this week, as Lucas put the FSX on his back and single-handedly kept us from closing below 12,000 on Thursday.  LEI hasn’t topped $2 since mid-April; if Lucas has a late-summer run to within sight of his March highs, he could drive the breakout we’ve been looking for.  Alas, middle school is still…middle school; Lucas may have given the FSX all he has for now.
  • Ruby (RJET) +6.4%.  For a while there, Republicans couldn’t figure how in the world they ended up picking geriatric John McCain over Matt Romney in 2008.  I bet they remember now, and strident Democrats like Ruby should be feeling more optimistic as a result.
  • Lee (MSTR) +4.5%.  The market has sold me aggressively in recent months, largely over concerns about 2013 and my ability to monetize the work I’m doing on the book.  I’ve done nothing to address those concerns; instead, I just kept working.  Investors may be coming around to the view I’ve held throughout: if I don’t finish the damn thing, I won’t have anything to be concerned about monetizing.


  • Jodi Ann (JOY) -4.6%.  This is the scoop straight from Reagan, no explanation needed: “Maybe she secretly doesn’t have her wedding dress but she told everybody she did so they wouldn’t worry and try to help her.”
  • Dustin (DST) -6.4%.  Dustin’s slump this week is largely collateral damage suffered during the meltdown of his fellow Israeli technology company, NICE Systems.; and here I didn’t even know Dustin and Nicole knew each other.  Turns out they have offices on the same street in Tel Aviv—it’s a small world after all.
  • LULU -8.0%.  Katie saw Lulu kill a bird this week; I guess she’s not the angelic creature we’ve all been led to believe.  Next you’ll be telling me Matt Romney can’t balance the budget by cutting taxes for rich people or that he can’t create 12 million jobs out of thin air.
  • Nicole E. (NICE) -11.5%.  What happened here?  Reagan says Nicole is directing a movie or something like that (who knows with Reagan reporting), which should be a good thing.  Wouldn’t it be funny if Nicole becomes a successful director while Justin—with a UNCSA degree in directing or whatever—writes copy for government scientists?  The market’s not laughing.
  • Zero (ZIP) -39%.  I’m not going to ask Zero what happened here, because (1) he doesn’t read this and (2) I already know.  The only surprise is that it took Zero this long to do ZIP like he did FRZ and ZERO before.  It is a dark and special talent he has; I’m already thinking of putting him in AAPL next year.
Name Ticker 8/3/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $22.45 -0.80
Charlotte ICE $132.25 -2.00
Dustin DST $50.59 -3.48
Icarus ICS $15.61 +0.01
Jenny JNY $10.47 -0.07
Jodi Ann JOY $50.58 -2.43
Justin SCI $12.94 +0.01
Katie CATY $16.54 +0.02
Lee MSTR $122.33 +5.25
Lisa LNCE $22.91 -0.49
Lucas LEI $1.94 +0.33
Lulu LULU $56.63 -4.95
Marcus MCS $13.38 -0.18
Mario T.E. MGEE $48.48 -0.33
Mario T.Y. WMAR $10.39 -0.43
Marisa MOLX $25.99 +0.69
Namilita NL $12.25 +0.46
Nicole E. NICE $31.75 -4.14
Nicole M. COLM $52.02 +0.09
Reagan REGN $136.96 +0.06
Ruby RJET $5.01 +0.30
Wilson WILC $4.30 +0.01
Winston ED $64.66 -0.24
Zero ZIP $6.75 -4.34
Zondro ZQK $2.81 -0.16

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  1. Lucas is on top of the world (and the FSX) this week because we are headed to HH for one last fun vacation before the dreaded start of middle school. You can expect his stock to plummet next week. Or, maybe not, since he did manage to get his choice of electives this semester (Tech Ed. and Computer Applications). It might not feel like middle school at all!

    Comment by Lisa — August 5, 2012 @ 09:30 | Reply

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