Mr. Sensitive

August 3, 2012

China Votes Romney

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Romney promises 12 million new jobs if elected.  Well, shit, why just 12 million?  Why not 24 million?  Why not 12 billion?  It’s all hocus-pocus horseshit, so why put an arbitrary ceiling on the stink?  Let’s add up the promises: eliminate the budget deficit while cutting taxes for rich people and leaving defense, Social Security, and Medicare untouched—smarter folks than me have deemed this mathematically impossible; do nothing about currency and trade imbalances that steadily suck jobs out of this country, plunging the middle class into poverty; gut social services and supports so that the newly-impoverished can choose between crime and starvation.  Sounds great.  But don’t worry, America!  Romney will personally create 12 million jillion jobs…in Communist China.  The price of cheap crap made in China and sold at Wal-mart will keep falling under the Romney plan.  So if you think the American Dream is price rollbacks on Cheez Doodles and underwear, by all means, vote Republican.


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