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August 1, 2012

Book War II Update

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One month into BWII; two-thirds through heavy markups/rewrites.  Yesterday (7/31) I finished Chapter 22; per the original timetable drafted 7/1 I was scheduled to complete CH22 on 8/25, so I’m running nearly four weeks ahead of that pace.  I allowed three days per chapter to complete read-through, markup/rewrite, and summary; through the first month I’m averaging 1.4 days per chapter.  The reason is that I’m not taking days off as I did during the six-month first draft process.  I don’t know if all work and no play is a good idea, but that’s what’s happening.  I want this phase complete before the girls go back to school August 27, though not for any particular reason since they’re resolutely unhelpful.  I’ve increased the projected number of chapters from 27 in the first draft to 31 now; I will split two unacceptably long chapters and add two loose-ends vignettes to break up the split behemoths.  I will also need to revisit CH2 and CH3; I skipped the summaries for those before.  Using the 3-day assumption gives me a completion date of September 2; using 1.4 results in a date of 8/16.  1.4 is liable to bite me in the ass if I keep it up, but a slowdown all the way to 2.4 still gets the job done, so I’ve got time for a brief, contained meltdown if that’s how it goes.


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  1. You’re doing so awesome you won’t even need that meltdown. Right?

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — August 1, 2012 @ 10:51 | Reply

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