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July 6, 2012

Euro 2012 Knockout Round Results

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I was sulking some after Germany lost to Italy, especially when it was on account of that clown, Balotelli.  Plus the Spain-Portugal match poisoned a little of my soul with its 120 minutes of passing, passing, and more passing.  Watching Spain-Portugal I was reminded why Americans don’t watch soccer–that game was crap, and listening to commentators talk about the beauty and skill of Spanish passing made me feel like I was going crazy (you don’t get points for passing, right?  Right?).  So I wasn’t excited for the final, Balotellis vs. Passers.  But it was awesome; Italy looked as terrible as I was expecting them to look against Germany, and Spain were as exciting to watch in the final as they were soul-killing to watch in the semi.  Jenny and Reagan arrived home just as Spain were scoring a fourth goal, and Jenny asked me who won.  I told her Spain were about to win, and she said, ‘no, I meant which one of us won.  Did I win?’

She was talking about our knockout-round picks.  She didn’t care about the game.  So this is for Jenny.

We picked the group stages first, and Jenny won that round.  Then we picked the rest of the games, NCAA tournament bracket-style, with 1 point awarded for a win in the quarters, 2 points for the semis, and 4 for the final.  It was a runaway:

  1. Katie – 8 points
  2. Jenny – 3 points
  3. Reagan – 3 points
  4. Me – 2 points

Katie picked all four quarterfinals and both semifinal matches correctly.  She picked Italy over Spain in the final or she’d have been perfect.  So the person who watched all of the group stage (me) did the worst and the person who watched the least (Katie) dominated.  Maybe I should stick with American football.


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  1. Go, me! Victory!

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — July 6, 2012 @ 15:40 | Reply

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