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July 1, 2012

Book War II Redux

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Among many other works of art, Jenny made me a ludicrous collage for my birthday.  When I call it a ludicrous collage, you should understand that isn’t my opinion.

It’s a fact.

I didn’t grasp the meaning until I pulled up the Book War II timeline I drafted in May.

Task Begin End Days
Mount Book Line Sat 5/26 Sat 5/26 1
1st Read-Through Tue 5/29 Mon 6/18 21
Create chapter posters Wed 6/20 Sun 7/1 12
Review & consolidate Word notes Mon 7/2 Sun 7/8 7
Review & append written notes Mon 7/2 Sun 7/8 7
Separate chapter title bank Mon 7/2 Sun 7/8 7
1st Revision Mon 7/9 Sun 9/9 63
Final timeline of events Mon 9/10 Sun 9/16 7
Final chapter titles Mon 9/10 Sun 9/16 7
2nd Read-Through Mon 9/17 Sun 10/7 21
2nd Revision (if necessary) Mon 10/8 Sun 11/4 28
3rd Read-Through (if necessary) Mon 11/5 Sun 11/18 14
Katie Read-Through Mon 11/19 Sun 12/9 21
Katie corrections Mon 12/10 Sun 12/30 21

I looked at that timeline, looked up at the collage, and it all made sense.

Today is July 1.  I ought to have waited until today to begin revising the book, but I resolved to push ahead.  Well, I didn’t wait and I didn’t push ahead.  I marked up and scribbled on the carcasses of three chapters over the course of a month; all that’s left me with is the literary equivalent of the Ypres salient—if there was a way to evacuate this strategic boil without retreating, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Alas, there’s not and I won’t.  The obvious thing is to work back over the notes on the first three chapters, not to attempt the formal rewrite, but to extract, summarize, standardize.  Obviously I can’t do the obvious thing.  Instead I will pin the wretched thing in place, let it believe I’m going to force a decision, and execute a envelopment maneuver in the rear.  That’s how Zhukov destroyed the German 6th Army in Stalingrad, and that’s how I’m going to cut off these first three chapters.  I’ll apply the new tactics I’ve devised to Chapter 4 and return to 1 – 3 at some point in the future.  Less ceremony, more beatdown.


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