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June 14, 2012

Geography Jenny

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We’ve been watching Euro 2012 this past week and Jenny is into it–not the watching, but the supporting.  She remembers who in the family picked which teams out of each group when we made picks two weeks ago–I don’t even remember which teams I picked.  This morning she was arguing with me about country size: Jenny was sure the U.S. is the biggest country (by area) in the world, and was surprised when I told her Russia is the biggest, and by a wide margin.  Surprised, but accepting.  What she didn’t accept is that Canada is bigger than the U.S. (it is); I told her the U.S. has a lot more people–like eight times as many–but less land.  Jenny said no.  So I asked her if she knows the most populous country in Europe (other than Russia, spanning as it does both Europe and Asia).

Jenny:  Is it one I would know?

Me:  Yes.

Jenny:  Um, is it one that’s in the tournament we’re watching?

Me:  Yes.

Jenny:  Which group are they in?

Me:  Um, what?

Jenny:  Which group?  A, B, C or D?

Me:  [needing to think about it] Group B.

Jenny:  Group of death; okay.  Is it Netherlands?

Me:  No, Netherlands is tiny.

Jenny:  Then Portugal.

Me:  Bigger; still small.

Jenny:  Denmark.

Me:  Smallest in the group, I think.

Jenny:  Oh, I’m missing the big one, right?  It’s Germany.

Me:  Yes.  Germany’s twice as big as the other three put together.

Jenny:  Okay.  Can I call Katelyn?

So I have two takeaways: first, I can’t believe she wouldn’t know Germany’s much bigger than the other three in Group B; and second, I can’t believe she knows which teams are in Group B.



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  1. Oh, Jenny. It is weird that Jenny remembers so much about the Euro teams.

    Comment by euregirlsandboys — June 14, 2012 @ 12:41 | Reply

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