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May 4, 2012

FSX Friday Update – SuperKatie Guesting

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I’m back as the celebrity guest poster of the FSX update today while Lee’s having lots of fun with Charlotte and Zero and our terrible children. And I’m working. We’ll all have fun together tonight though, I know.

Here’s Lee’s quick take on the market this week:

Market is down big today on ho-hum employment report.  (CNBC says lousy, but they have a little bit of an agenda.)  S&P 500 down 2.4%, FSX down 4.2%.  We broke through short-term support and are well below 13,000 for the first time since January.  Decliners over advancers 19-to-5.

My thoughts? Overall a kind of boring week in the market. I think people are getting geared up for Memorial Day and summer vacations and not working really hard. People working really hard is what causes major market excitement, if you ask me. And you did. If you’d like to know what Google had to tell me when I just searched for “stock market this week,” here are the three top headlines:

  1. Uncertainty Looms over Facebook’s Stock Market Entrance
  2. Declining Consumer Confidence Echoes Jittery Stock Market
  3. Oil falls. So does the Russian stock market.

So now it should be all clear for you.

Now on to the people. Did you know that’s how we refer to the advancers and decliners discussed each week in the FSX update in our house? As “the people.”


  • Lee (MSTR) +7.9%. Lee has made super-awesome-amazing progress on his book recently. Only two chapters to go of the first draft (unless he somehow managed to finish one of those chapters today). And he managed to do all the hard work to get the house clean for Charlotte and Zero’s visit. And he took care of the sweet baby boy as he always does. He’s a pretty cool guy.
  • LULU +4.0%.  Lulu is a fat cat. And she’s probably up because she wasn’t the one being tortured by Brinkley earlier today. Generally, she does a better job than Marisa of staying away from Brinky, which is lucky for her because he’s in quite a tail-grabbing, animal-riding mood lately.
  • Nicole B. (NI) +1.8% & Justin (SCI) +1.2%.  They’re obviously both up because they’re FINALLY getting married in the secret wedding on Monday, and it’s almost time for the not-secret wedding in a couple weeks.


  • Lucas (LEI) -4.4%.  Lucas built a robot last week and then built a computer from spare parts this week. He sounds a little bit like Dustin, doesn’t he? Anyway, I’m taking the position that this first computer he’s built isn’t quite up to the market’s standards. We’ll give him a couple more years to mature and build something that can challenge Apple. Maybe he and Dustin can work together.
  • Marisa (MOLX) -6.5%.  Attacked by Brinky. All the time.
    Katie (CATY) -6.3%.  Fat. I think that’s what I always say though, so maybe I should come up with something else. I am struggling a bit with this weather. It turned super-hot. I like a little warm weather. But this is the kind of weather where it’s hot enough outside that I actually want to wear short sleeves, but then I’m cold inside at work, and of course, always cold inside my house. Tough problems, right?
    Marcus (MCS) -7.3%.  Marcus is getting old. 32 this week. And I think the end of the school year and all the exams and fun stuff that goes along with it is probably always tough for teachers. So that’s what I’m saying for him and Jodi Ann (-7.1%). So you guys, I’m expecting major increases in your market performance when the school year ends and you start getting closer and closer to your wedding. Okay?
    Reagan (REGN) -6.1%.  Poor Reagan’s so crazy sometimes. Last night’s worry? Because she had a dream about a girl whose parents were royals and they were cursed and so on Halloween they were turned into small metal people one year and then this girl who’s now 20 and has her own kid kept her small metal parents with her, but she wasn’t able to protect them when someone came in her windows and shot them (I think it may have been another Halloween). And the metal wasn’t bulletproof so they died. I’m relating it as I remember it, but don’t worry, she wrote the whole story down so we can remember it. Anyway, this dream had her worried all day yesterday because of course she thinks this could happen to me and Lee even though I’ve said it really can’t.
    Namilita (NL) -6.3%.  Lee thinks Charlotte’s kitties are down because she shipped them here in these boxes that arrived at our house instead of letting them travel with her.

I think it may just be that it’s taking them a little time to get settled into their new home, and then they’ll be fine.

  • Brinky (BCO) -7.1%.  Brinky’s sleep patterns are driving us both insane. It’s kind of sad that I may have actually preferred him waking up in the middle of the night or early morning to never knowing if he’s going to be willing to go down at night or not. He just wants to stay up and have fun. And he won’t stop and go to sleep for a long, long time. So I’d like him to get the whole sleeping thing figured out.
  • Mario (SUP) -7.4%.  I know the problem for Mario is that I am not watching Mad Men early enough in the week for him. I’ll try to do better.
  • Icarus (FLOW) -10%.  Poor Icarus isn’t legally allowed to marry Justin and Nicole. But I think everyone knows he’s part of the family.
  • Zero (ZIP) -10.7%.  Are you not excited to be here visiting with us, Zero?
  • Jenny (JNY) -13%.  Jenny’s had a rough week of the emotions. Some of which was prompted, I think, by the fitness test results we get from school every 6 months or so. We often see that she’s grown a lot, but this was the first time that it said that she’s outside of the healthy weight range. I personally think it’s ridiculous because she’s really not an overweight kid. And I’m kind of sad that it made Jenny call me to say that she’s not happy with her results, so she’s going to start tracking her food and try to eat healthier. I do support her eating healthier and being more active, but I don’t want her to feel forced to do it, or feel fat, because the BMI calculation really doesn’t know how to factor in growth spurts and puberty.
Name Ticker 5/4/2012 Change
Brinkley BCO $24.13 -1.85
Charlotte ICE $127.29 -5.38
Dustin DST $53.95 -2.00
Icarus FLOW $3.69 -0.41
Jenny JNY $10.16 -1.53
Jodi Ann JOY $66.52 -5.08
Justin SCI $11.64 +0.14
Katie CATY $16.65 -1.08
Lee MSTR $152.32 +11.21
Lisa LNCE $25.38 -0.66
Lucas LEI $1.73 -0.08
Lulu LULU $77.70 +2.99
Marcus MCS $11.88 -0.93
Mario T.E. MGEE $45.00 -0.82
Mario T.Y. SUP $16.76 -1.34
Marisa MOLX $26.09 -1.81
Namilita NL $13.50 -0.91
Nicole B. NI $24.92 +0.43
Nicole L. COL $53.47 -2.80
Reagan REGN $131.40 -8.61
Ruby RJET $4.90 -0.25
Wilson WILC $4.51 unch
Winston ED $59.38 +0.07
Zero ZIP $10.89 -1.31
Zondro ZQK $3.34 -0.12

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