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April 19, 2012

CNBC Hates Obama III

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So here’s the headline on tonight:

NBC/WSJ Poll: Signs Point to ‘Very, Very Close Campaign’

Those signs being, I guess, tea leaves.  The actual article, in which it might be more problematic to just make stuff up, it notes that Obama still leads Romney 49 percent to 43 percent.  It then says that this lead is statistically insignificant because it’s within the poll’s +/- 3.1% margin of error.  The only problem with that is that PLUS SIX PERCENT IS NOT WITHIN PLUS OR MINUS 3.1 PERCENT and so IT’S A LIE.

Fantastic stuff, John Harwood of CNBC.  Really top-notch.

What makes the headline even more incomprehensible is that Harwood trumpets the new poll as showing that Romney is now up to 70% approval among Republican primary voters, up from 58% before Santorum dropped out.  That means 30% of his own party still doesn’t want him, even though they now have no other real option.  How does that promise a close general election?

The poll gives Obama a 49% approval rating.  Not great, right?  Good thing for him that he’s going to have Romney as an opponent, because the poll shows that only 18% of voters find Romney likable (compared to 54% for Obama).  Remember when that was the big thing W. had going for him?  Republican pollsters couldn’t point that out often enough.  Now their man is pulling 18 percent on likeability.

CNBC is the worst sometimes.  Too bad they have most watchable stock ticker on TV.


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